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Misioni ynë është që të ofrojë dhe mbeshtesë krijimin dhe përhapjen e të dhënave kulturore, arsimore dhe shkencore.
Ne mbështesim komunitetin e kërkuesve shkencorë duke bashkepunuar me studiues, profesorë e artistë për të krijuar një ambient të pasur dhe favorizues për përparimin në shkencë.

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Open Spending Albania – Where does my money go?

Albanian Institute of Science, Open Data Albania Team, willing to empower both individuals and the Albanian society with information on how taxpayers’ money is spent has built a new platform known as Spending Data Albania. Through certain applications, the public has the opportunity to learn how each individual contributes through their taxes to the total […]


Invitation for Participation – Hackathon Albania 2013

Open Data Albania is proud to announce its Annual Hackathon 2013. This event is a gathering of friends, activists and citizens that want to give their contribution through visualizations or projects, and help the general opinion. Hackathon is a casual meeting, where we collaborate as a team in writing applications, downloading data, creating visualizations or […]


Central Election Commission violates the Electoral Code concerning Financing of Electoral Subjects

Legal and administrative irregularities in appointing the Auditing Experts After publishing the data about the electoral expenditures for the two last campaigns, Open Data Albania, in an effort to ensure as much transparency as possible over the official data concerning the 2013 Electoral Campaign, found certain violations of the law in the organization of work […]


OGP Albania – Ministry of Finances Censures the State Treasure Public Data

In the name of the principles of Journalism for Public Information, I would like to share with you a concern over a recent case of State Treasure Public Data being censured. The Albanian Government is obliged by law and by the respective secondary legislation acts to ensure transparency over every single detail about the way […]


Electoral Spending as Open Data – Albanian Case

Some countries lack the process of the publication and transparency for Electoral Expenditure. Former communist countries, countries with a new democracy or the ones who do not acknowledge political freedom, have not put into law the obligation to publish the Electoral Expenditures. Even in places where this law exists, there are big difficulties in building […]



Smart Tourist Albania is another project of AIS. Through an Open Source Platform, citizens were invited to report via the website and through a mobile application the problems of tourists related to the environment, cleanness, and pollution. After reporting and communication with the social media, the project marked another success by becoming a movement where […]



As part of the scope to base our projects ICT Solutions, AIS implemented during the first 6 months of 2013 a platform for the Albanian scientific research. The aim of the platform was to increase the visibility of scientific researchers and their scientific works. The project delivery include a central portal that provides information on […]


Za’Lart – Report on Citizens’ Perception on Albania’s Electoral Campaign (May 21st –June 21st)

Based on data collected by http://ZaLart.al   In the run-up to Sunday’s parliamentary elections, apart from the mainstream media, the campaign is being monitored also by a citizen’s journalism project, which crowdsources incidents and infractions based on submission by Albanian voters.   The ZaLart.al (Raised Voice) project gives active citizens the opportunity to report through […]