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The Albanian Institute of Science is a non-governmental organization established in line with the existing legislation in the Republic of Albania. The Tirana-based organization was established by the judicial decision no. 3048 of the Tirana District Court, dated 28.03.2011. The steering body of the organization is the Membership Assembly. The Membership Assembly elects the head of the organization, who also holds the position of executive director. The later represents the organizations in meetings with third parties and has the competency to administer issues regarding finances and human resources. The director of the organization co-ordinates with other steering bodies for the benefit of the organizations’ interests. Currently, the executive director of the organization is Ms. Aranita Brahaj, elected by the Membership Assembly. In its meeting of 13.11.2012, the Membership Assembly established the Board of Directors as a consultative and monitoring body. The members of the body are: Mr. Arben Muka, Mr. Andreas Martin Harth; Mr. Charles Joseph Petrie; Mr. Igli Tafaj and Mr. Florjan Bianku. The members of the Board of Directors are individuals with a rich professional education and experience, of a high academic level, who are professionals in the three different profiles that meet the mission of the Albanian Institute of Science and the objectives of its current projects.
The organization has implemented a number of projects that have contributed to the scientific research in the country. Also, the use of ICT solutions in several AIS projects has generated good results in terms of transparency, information, accountability and good governance. AIS projects have also given concrete results in the conservation and promotion of the Albanian cultural heritage values. The projects attract media interests and are known to the public in Albania, as well as in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.
Legal registration number, countra and year of registration: Court registry number 3048, Albania, 28/03/2011
NIPT: L11529451L
Legal status: Non profit organization;


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