1. Open Data Albania (phase 3) The implementation of this project will continue throughout 2014. The project consists in enriching an open data catalogue with data from Albania. The catalogue platform, through its tools, ensures information and analysis on Albanian economy and society indicators. The project follows a model of innovation and technology, and serves the right for information and transparency. In addition, the project’s platform and the work of the experts meet the think tank model.

2. Academic´Al . This project was implemented during the first months of 2013. The work focused on the establishment of a network of Albanian scientific and academic researchers. The project objective consisted in increasing the visibility of our scientific research. The project marked satisfactory results in different scientific disciplines. Its final aim is the further application of open science in presenting the Albanian scientific research and enhancing its effectiveness.

3. Za´Lart (raised voice) . In the run-up to the parliamentary elections, apart from the mainsteam media, the campaign is also monitored by a citizen´s journalism project, which crowdsources incidents and infractions based on information provided by Albanian voters. The Za´Lart (Raised Voice) Project gives the citizens the opportunity to report through the web or mobile applications in Android cell phones, incidents and infractions in the electoral process which they witness first-hand. Through the use of Open Source, the project created a new form of social media and presented serious electoral incidents in real time. The project was quoted in the reports of several international bodies that assessed the electoral process. The importance of the project also consisted in the fact that citizens used it to denounce typical cases of vote buying.

4. Smart Tourist Albania This is the second year that AIS works with the slogan Be critical, rest as a smart tourist in its work. This project, as well, aims at establishing a social media outlet where citizen-fed information becomes important and stimulates the solution of problems. The social media has already succeeded in creating a movement in which citizens intervened directly with voluntary and promoting actions on environment, culture and tourism in the country.

5. Digitalisation of the Sotir photo archive. In Albania, the law and practices on the conservation of objects of an ethnographic status and importance are far from satisfactory. Thanks to the work of the AIS experts, in 2013, some 14,000 photographic plates of a private studio that operated in Albania at the beginning of the 20th century were entered in the digital register. Now these special Albanian photographs have been scanned and registered, marking a useful case where innovation serves culture.

6. Open Spending Albania This is a platform where citizens, through several applications, can get information on everything related to public expenditures. Services offered to the public include monitoring of the state treasury; online tax calculation; money map and budget. The project has a successful advantage as it comes at the end of a two-year data gathering activity. The data are very interesting because they show to the public how the taxpayers money are being used; how much do government activities and programmes cost; what are the transactions done by the state and who are the clients that serve the government. The project is financed and implemented as part of Open Data Albania, and creates a good data catalogue by fulfilling a real philosophy… The project continues till November 2014

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