7 days after earthquake, donations for Government only 4.2 million Euros

Porta Vendore collects business promises for 61 million euros of donations publicly announced. What is happening to solidarity? Don’t they trust the Government, or do they just promise more than they actually give?

The Ministry of Finances does not welcome requests for transparency and accountability.  Donor conference to be held

The Ministry of Finances has published the sums donated by individuals, subjects and foreign governments via the Ministry’s website as to 3 December Afterwards, the Ministry has not made any updates, and it has removed earlier publications

According to the Ministry of Finances, donations for the Albanian Government up to 3 December through second-level banks, e-Albania, and Bank of Albania (donations from other states) was: 132 912 131 lekë; 2 797 120 Euros (or 344 045 819.04 Lekë), and 310 888 USD (or 34 197 730 Lekë).

In total, 7 days after the earthquake, the Albanian Government received 511 155 680 (five hundred eleven million and one hundred fifty-five thousand and six hundred and eighty) lekë only as donations for its post-earthquake response fund.

Some foundations have demonstrated a lack of trust by not depositing the charity funds they have collected in the State Treasure to be managed by the Government. Similarly, international-renowned Albanian construction businesses or artists have decided to build homes for several families directly.

Journalists Elisa Gjerani and Eljona Ballhysa have made some inquiries into the total amount donated as a sign of solidarity for this natural disaster. The article published with the Porta Vendore shows a total of 61 million Euros, several times higher than 4.2 million Euros collected in Albanian Government accounts until 3 December. Journalists Gjerani and Ballhysa have also calculated the amounts committed by members of the civil society or people like Lazim Destani, Shefqet Kastrati, Behxhet Pacolli, Samir Mane, Salillari, Gener 2, Rinas Airport (https://portavendore.al/2019/12/06/heronjte-e-vullnetarizmit-ne-shqiperine-pas-termetit-qindra-vullnetare-ne-terren-dhe-miliona-euro-te-dhuruara/ )

Meanwhile, the Albanian government’s decision to recognize the donations of Albanian companies as amounts to be deducted for tax purposes does not clearly specify whether this applies to in kind natural donations.

AIS addressed the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury Directorate (see Here) asking for transparency over the list of donors and respective donations. After that request, not only has the Ministry of Finances not published any transparent lists, but it has also stopped updating its online information every 24 hours, underestimating the principle of transparency and accountability for the entrusted donations.