AIS starts the new program “Transparency with the Public Health Sector Procurements”.

AIS started to work in July on disclosing procurement data from the Health Sector. The newest project on Public Health Sector Procurements will enable the creation, promotion, and use of a well-structured database, which serves as an instrument (tool) for transparency, information, citizens’ monitoring about procurement processes of the Public Health Sector for 2016. Fact-based journalism and fact-based public debate is the final purpose of the creation of such well-structured database. Accordingly, it will provide exhaustive information about every public procurement process in the health sector. The project is supported by the US Embassy in Tirana in the framework of the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program. The database with open data for the Public Health Sector shall be placed on the Open Procurement Albania portal, where data about local government procurement processes are disclosed on daily basis.