AIS, an organization promoting Open Data Albania invites you to access information through our new database entitled access to Justice Info http://aksesdrejtesi.al/. What are the professional profiles of the senior SPAK prosecutors (special anticorruption structure), CVs and their career, level of education, experience with the justice institutions, documents submitted in the application process, decision-making of the qualification institutions and their promotion. All the profiles of the eight special prosecutors are now available on the new website Access to Justice

Altin Dumani http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/38

Behar Dibra http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/70

Edvin Kondili http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/71

Ened Nakuci http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/72

Elida Kackini http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/39

Klodjan Braho http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/116

Enkeleda Millonai http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/73

Arben Kraja http://aksesdrejtesi.al/profil/25

The Access to Justice Information database contains now data and documents on institutions and individuals promoted under the new justice reform. The data provide information on laws, decisions, reports, decision-making acts, and performance of the system. In addition to institutions, individual passports of accessible information are also created both for judges and prosecutors remaining after the vetting process, as well as for individuals appointed and promoted to the new justice institutions.  The website has just introduced also data for the wealth of the members of the High Council of Justice.

Information on the work of the Justice System institutions are accessible on Justice Info http://aksesdrejtesi.al/institucions

The database contains also data about other individuals promoted to institutions and the justice system. http://aksesdrejtesi.al/persons/3