Albanian Institute of Science is looking for associates

Albanian Institute of Science in the framework of a better territorial implementation of its programs is looking for associates, mainly for media correspondents from different regions of Albania. Specifically, from cities/towns such as: Mirdita; Malësi e Madhe; Bulqizë; Mat; Kurbin; Kamzë, Peqin; Lushnjë; Kuçovë; Urë Vajgurore; Poliçan; Gramsh; Maliq; Devoll; Mallakastër; Skrapar, Kolonjë, Përmet.

These associates must be residents in one of the cities/towns mentioned above, and have a good comprehension of democratic values and culture. An essential criterion for our associates would be the experience and education in journalism; communication; public relations; social and political science. It is important for them to be able to act as active citizens in raising awareness. Their commitment will be in certain months and period of the year, based on the themes and activities of the organization.

If you would like to join our activities and gain experience on a program of a high social and media impact, please contact at: