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Request for cooperation. The need for monitoring the Misuse of Public Funds in the 2023 Electoral Campaign

On the eve of the May 14, 2023 Local Elections, our organization, Albania Institute of Science (AIS), would like to share some concerns about the risks that could prevent the conduction of fair and free election process. Through our monitoring of public expenditure and fund data during electoral processes, the organization has identified cases of […]

Constitutional Control over Corrupt Laws, Vacancies of several years in the Constitutional Court bring Serious Consequences for the Prevention of Corruption by Law

The AIS organization initiated a Lawsuit in September 2021 for the Constitutional Court requesting the Repeal as unconstitutional of a law that regulates Contracts for the Reconstruction Program after the Earthquake. The lawsuit of the organization AIS/Open Data Albania sought the Partial Repeal of Law no. 97/2019 for the adoption of the normative Act with […]

The German Newspaper Die Welt writes for Albania: Corruption, justice and issues with press freedom – is Albania ready for the EU?

Albania towards the EU integration, Albanian government, AIS founder, Aranita Brahaj, talks about corruption and justice The serious German newspaper Die Welt published this September an article entitled: Corruption, justice and issues with press freedom – is Albania ready for the EU? The article carefully analyses some geopolitical aspects and challenges of Albania’s negotiation process […]

OpenData Youth Fellowship Retreat October 22nd and 23rd, 2022

The organization AIS / Open Data Albania has been working with a group of students and young professionals for a year, creating a Fellowship program for empowering young people in Anti-corruption matters. This includes events held during the year such as work sessions; discussion forums; internships with the organization’s team; training and other networking events. […]

Training Cycle: Youth Empowerment against Corruption – Citizen Education, Improve Fact Checking Models

The Organization AIS / Open Data Albania is holding this week (October 2022) a training cycle with young people, part of the OpenDataYouth Network. The young participants in this program are selected through competition targeting young journalist professionals or students; economists; tax accountants; future politicians; analysts; sociologists; researchers; etc. The purpose of the Training is […]

Policy Paper “Financial control and the process of opening European Integration negotiations for Chapter 32”

The Policy Paper “Financial control and the process of opening European Integration negotiations for Chapter 32” was drafted by the Albanian Institute of Science AIS / Open Data Albania, during the implementation of C1 – EU – NPA Project “Improving the Debate on Policies and Accountability to Fulfill Basic Rights”, through the creation of the […]

Documents and Analysis following the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, case of Besnik Cani v. Albania (vetting), AksesDrejtesiAlbania

If Besnik Cani v. Albania case in Strasburg would construe a Precedent (unifying verdict) 8 other judges and prosecutors today would be awarded the same rights as Mr. Cani, as the Judge elected in violation of the statutory criterias is part of nine Decisions where the KPA (Appeals Chamber) has opposed the qualifications in the […]

393 Donors during the 2021 Election Campaign, SP receives the largest donations, LSI surpasses the DP, List of Donors for each party

Open Data Albania is publishing the names and donation size of Electoral Donors in the 2021’s April Elections. Donors in Electoral Campaigns are private subjects, companies, legal entities or individuals who donate funds, goods or services to candidates or electoral parties. Donations are mandatory to be divulged based on the agreed legal form. Donations of […]

Web-ATRAKO nonfunctonal: Open Corporates Albania offers a comprehensive online Registry for PPP/Concession contracts

The cyber attack, that started in July 2022 on the Albanian official state database, has also taken offline the database containing information and documents concerning PPP/Concessions from ATRAKO, the Agency for the Handling of Concessions. Their publication, as well as guaranteeing public access are mandatory.   Abanian Institute of Sccience, through its web-portal Open Corporates […]