DataThon Albania 2014 – Invitation for participation

Activist, Journalist, or Student of Economics; Journalisms and Political Sciences!
The Marathon of Open Data – DataThon Albania is coming.

This year, competition will be based on the data on Budgetary Expenditures. How do the young people analyse the budgetary expenditures of state institutions, which are the most distinct clients that are provided with money buy the state, and while making these payment available, are there identified cases of abuse, nepotisms or conflict of interest situation. Having a better understanding of the delivery of taxpayers money – this is the goal of this marathon in this fourth year of its organization.

Competition is recommended in groups of 2-3 persons. This year, those that will conduct better analysis during DataThon, there will be 2 rewards for them, each of them consisting in a 15 000 Leke.
In order to be inspired on Transparent Expenditures, you may click in advance. Spending Data Albania .

It organised AIS and ODA

All those who would like to participate in this event, may be registered for free in the following liknk, and be provided with a free participation ticket.…

This ticket is necessary to be shown upon your presence at Protik on DataThon