An Overview of Facts and Development related with the Albanian National Theatre. Deeply related with the Rule of Law and Democracy

AIS and ISP addressed the Ambassadors, Diplomats, and the International Organizations in Tirana and all of the friends of our country, through a letter listing the facts and developments related to the demolition of the National Theatre. The letter aims to raise awareness about the demolition of the National Theatre building being deeply an issue […]

Parliament is voting on PPP concessionary contracts in the state of Natural Disaster

The Members of Parliament are going to vote during the state of emergency caused by the natural disaster due to COVID-19, on the April 30th parliamentary session, on a law approving an extension of the concessionary contract for Porto Romano Port in Durres. In our opinion, this political decision of the Council of Ministers is […]

Case Study – Public Procurement Big Contracting

Another activity of our project Improve Integrity of Public Contractors was the preparation of two case studies for two large public contracts and procurements. The object of the first one is the Concessionary Agreement for the financing, design, renovation, supply, reorganization, and functioning of the PPP concessionary for providing laboratory services to hospitals, regional and […]

AIS Recommendations for interventions related to the Public Procurement Sector

AIS has carried out several activities under the Improvement of the Integrity of Public Contractors Project, aiming at creating an impact through two components of the project: i. strengthening civic actors, media, and non-governmental organizations ii. Public pressure for improving Public Procurement legislation and practice in the country Regarding the second component, AIS became officially […]

Purchases for Covid-19 Situation, the Albanian Government applies Secrete Contracts, bypassing Participation and Transparency

AIS, an organization promoting Open Data Albania, observes with concern that the Albanian Government has decided, in an anti-constitutional manner, illegally, and without any legitimate need, to consider Secret Contracting and Procedures for purchasing during the emergency created by Covid-19. You can find Here  COVID-19  Secrete Contracts titles Through two Decisions of Council of Ministers […]

Treasure Transactions for one week: 12 to 19 March 2020 (88.4 million Euros) – only 1.1 % Economic Assistance from Municipalities

2 877 transactions worth 10 873 286 782 (ten billion and eight hundred and seventy-three million and two hundred and eighty-six thousand and seven hundred and eighty-two) Albanian leke or 88.4 million Euros have been made during this week. LINK This includes only a total of 119 818 187 Albanian leke of Economic Assistance. […]

Tender for the Reconstruction Program for the State-Supported Share

Open Procurement Albania publishes information for procurement procedures worth of 9.4 billion Albanian Lek (76,42 million Euros) for Homes and Schools damaged by the Earthquake. The Government opts for Limited Procedure, avoiding open bidding competition. The 20-days timeframe for submission of requests by interested competitors is not respected. Data, documents, and information on every stage […]

Treasury transactions. How and how much are being paid by the budgetary institutions for their bills.

Every Treasury Transactions made by our budgetary institutions, be it common or emergency payments. The Treasury Transactions is a well-structured database containing data about every payment made by budgetary institutions. The data catalogue has information on any transaction from 2012 and onwards. In addition, using search engines and communication filters, you may access information about […]

What the Health Sector is procuring includes small purchases for the safety of the regional doctors

Are our Health institutions purchasing through negotiations for emergencies or through common purchasing procedures? We have a track record of all the public health sector investments and purchases. In the past two weeks, several modest purchases have been recorded for the reinforcement of hygienic protection for health buildings. Link health tenders Other transparent procurements […], an e-learning platform, in quarantine empowering itself for a well-paid and online labor market.

Our most useful database in times of quarantine The ODK and AIS have applied the last two years an e-Learning platform for enabling young people develop their digital skills, a program that enables training on skills for an innovative market of Information Technology. The database is designed to assist students in Kosovo and the […]