“February, Month of Civil Engagement for EU Integration” started – AIS presented a Policy Paper on Integrity Control of Public Contractors, EU practice and the Albanian Context

February, the Month of Civil Engagement for European Integration, began with an event of the Organization AIS, whose purpose was to presentat a Policy Paper titled “Control of the Integrity of Public Contractors, EU practices and contracting in the Albanian Context”, drafted in the frame of the C1-EU- NPA Project. His Excellency, the ambassador of […]

Constitutional Control over Corrupt Laws, Vacancies of several years in the Constitutional Court bring Serious Consequences for the Prevention of Corruption by Law

The AIS organization initiated a Lawsuit in September 2021 for the Constitutional Court requesting the Repeal as unconstitutional of a law that regulates Contracts for the Reconstruction Program after the Earthquake. The lawsuit of the organization AIS/Open Data Albania sought the Partial Repeal of Law no. 97/2019 for the adoption of the normative Act with […]

OpenData Youth Fellowship Retreat October 22nd and 23rd, 2022

The organization AIS / Open Data Albania has been working with a group of students and young professionals for a year, creating a Fellowship program for empowering young people in Anti-corruption matters. This includes events held during the year such as work sessions; discussion forums; internships with the organization’s team; training and other networking events. […]

Training Cycle: Youth Empowerment against Corruption – Citizen Education, Improve Fact Checking Models

The Organization AIS / Open Data Albania is holding this week (October 2022) a training cycle with young people, part of the OpenDataYouth Network. The young participants in this program are selected through competition targeting young journalist professionals or students; economists; tax accountants; future politicians; analysts; sociologists; researchers; etc. The purpose of the Training is […]

Forum “Youth and Emigration: Corruption as inducement to live for a better country”

Last Friday, July 1st, AIS/Open Data Albania hosted a forum on “Youth and immigration: Corruption as inducement to leave for a better country“. The activity was held in the frame of the Open Data, Access and Transparency over Sectors Exposed to Risk of Corruption project,  as part of which, AIS is preparing the Open Data […]

Open Data Fellowship Youth Network: working with young people to increase their capacities

AIS is working with a team of young professionals aiming to educate, increase their capacities in public speaking and evidence-based debating. They come from university auditoriums, important institutions, organizations and civic movements. Strengthening their capacities against corruption through civic education and improving Fact-Checking models are the main goals of the training curriculum,  assistance, and internships. […]

AIS part of the agreement with The High Inspector Of Justice. The cooperation agreement with 6 Civil Society organizations is signed.

The establishment of a continuous communication between the civil society and the Office of HIJ, was formalized today by signing a cooperation agreement between the High Inspector of Justice Mr. Artur Metani and six civil society organizations (CSOs), that are engaged in monitoring justice reform, human rights, transparency, accountability and good governance. The cooperation initiated […]

Policy Paper “Public Procurement, Albania through the Lens of European Integration”

The Policy Paper “Public Procurement, Albania through the Lens of European Integration” was drafted by the Albanian Institute of Science AIS / Open Data Albania, during the implementation of C1 – EU – NPA Project “Improving the Debate on Policies and Accountability to Fulfill Basic Rights”, through the creation of the Cluster 1 Albania Negotiation […]

Bëhu Pjesë e #OpenData Fellowship Youth #Network

Mundësi për të punuar me ekipin #OpenDataAlbania Je një Djalë apo Vajze e re, #Gazetar, #Student, #Ekonomist, #Fiskalist, #Politikan i Ardhshëm, #Analist, #Sociolog apo #Kërkues në një Disiplinë të caktuar • Nëse ke dëshirë të Publikosh një apo disa artikuj në portalin Open Data Albania • Nëse planet për Karrierën tuaj të ardhshme lidhen me sa […]

Kërkohet një Ekspert Lokal Përmirësim i Kapaciteteve Organizative dhe Institucionale

Datë 09/02/2022 AIS, një organizatë jofitimprurëse e angazhuar në Transparencë, Llogaridhënie dhe Mirëqeverisje është duke kërkuar një ekspert lokal për angazhim me kohë të pjesshme ditë pune. Eksperti duhet të asistojë organizatën në hartimin e disa dokumenteve si rregullore dhe manual të praktikave të mira menaxheriale dhe financiare. Eksperti duhet të vlerësojë edhe nevojat për […]