Money and Power, what are the economic interests of District Chief Prosecutors

Data regarding assets and annual incomes of 22 District Chief Prosecutors were analyzed to identify their potential interests and economic connections. The prosecutors’ self-declarations are published under the Money and Power section, and the analysis is published as a separate article on Open Data AlbaniaSimilar analysis is done earlier for high-level judges, MPs andMayors The […]

Municipality of Divjaka cooperates with AIS on its transparency program for 2017

The Municipality of Divjaka in cooperation with AIS established Open Spending and Open Budget instruments. The budget tables for 2017 were visualized in an open data format, making it easier for everyone to trace, understand, and reuse information. In addition to its table of incomes and expenditures, the municipality visualised also its budget by its […]

HackaThon Albania 2017, the Creativity Marathon, 24 – 25 March

AIS, together with The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania, hosted the Hackathon Albania 2017 event. 30 participants

Follow the Money – Financing of Electoral Subjects and Electoral Corruption

The Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), a non-Governmental organization known as a promoter of Open Data Albania, is organizing a series of Roundtables, Workshops, and Fora on “Follow the Money”. The first meeting of this cycle was held on 26 October on Public Procurement, Tenders, and Contracts in the Health Sector. In order to strengthen […]

Public Health Sector Procurement 2016, an anticorruption and Transparency Program

AIS, a promoter of Open Data Albania, presented to the media representatives today (26 October) a database containing information regarding procurement and contracts from the Public Health Sector. The data covers the period starting from 1 January 2016, and are updated on a daily basis. They are well-structured and presented in an Open Contracting Data […]

Follow the Money – Series of Workshops

The Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), a non-governmental organization known as a promoter of Open Data in Albania, is planning to hold a series of Round Tables, Workshops, and Forums on the topic ‘Follow the Money’. The events intend to present instruments and databases that ensure data and facts about public expenditures, procurement, contracts, contractors, […]

Training on the use of ICT tools to increase transparency over the budgets and expenditures of the local government units.

The training took place on 13 September, at Doro City Hotel. It aimed at enhancing the capacities of the local government unit employees in independently using transparency instruments over their budgets and expenses: Budget by the Economic Classification of the Actual Expenses (Money Map); Monitoring of Transactions for Local Government (Monitoring Treasury).

10 organizations meet in Tirana on the Perspective of Open Contracting Standards in the Regio

Open Data against abuse and corruption using public money. Ten regional organizations met in Tirana on 28-29 July at a workshop organized by AIS: Civil Monitoring of Public Procurement. The participants analyzed how transparent the data from different phases of public contracting are and presented some CSO initiatives for citizens’ monitoring of public procurement in Albania, BiH, Kosovo, Macedonia, […]