The procurement law, Brahaj: It does not solve the impasse, deep reform needed.

The latest legal amendments to the public procurement law do not solve the impasse created with tenders. The director of Open Data Albania, Aranita Brahaj, states that the government interventions are not sufficient, and she thinks a deep reform is needed in this sector.

More than amendments to the law, what we mostly need is a reformed public procurement system. The law does meet some of the needs, but not those related to transparency and competitiveness. However, in order to change deadlines, we need to clearly analyze how the integrity of public contractors is going to be checked, i.e. competitors who will be awarded public contracts, especially those registered in different countries, where business registers abide by different rules.

Brahaj proposes the establishment of an electronic system, as well as the presence of a third international actor in monitoring public contracts as the two most effective ways to counter corruption in tenders.

Contracts financed by the public budget required for very high-value procurement processes need to have a third actor, who must be a monitoring actor, who assesses the risk criteria in tenders. What l consider a gap is the lack of a risk assessment system, i.e. an algorithm in the electronic system.

According to Aranita Brahaj, the law must have been accompanied by the relevant secondary legislation in order to avoid irregularities and tenders without competition.

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