Treasury payment 2019, the institution of the highest portfolio

Tirana Municipality has paid through treasury transactions executed in 2019 (January 1st to December 31st) a total amount of 14 126 289 737 (fourteen billion and one hundred and twenty-six million and two hundred and eighty-thousand and seven hundred and thirty-seven) Lekë. Equivalent to about 115.8 million Euros.

With this payment portfolio, Tirana Municipality ranks as the Institution of the highest budget for payments executed in 2019. Check link:

It stands higher than the central institutions of a high portfolio, such as the Albanian Road Authority; the Albanian Development Fund; Mother Teresa University Hospital Centre, etc.

The following municipalities are far lower, including Durres with only 2.74 billion leke, or Kamza with 2.27 billion leke.

The assessment refers to the Municipality’s direct budget only, without taking into consideration its subordinate institutions or the public-owned ones. This municipality has now more than 1 million residents, which provides a large taxpayer base. The municipality has a good tax collection performance, which enables a secure portfolio for expenditures and investments. In 2019, Tirana Municipality has also spent projects from the central government through the Regional Development Fund programs.

Other institutions of significance for the 2019 payment portfolio are accessible under the Treasury Transactions, where, in addition to values, a list of payments, including descriptions and beneficiaries can also be detailed.