Workshop Tirana, 29 July 2016 : Civil Society Monitoring Public Contracting

The Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), an Albanian non-governmental organization, with the financial support of NED is implementing a program for opening local government public procurement and public contracts data in Albania (Open Public Procurement Albania). This project corresponds with various regional initiatives to monitor and make the process of public procurement and public contracts more transparent. Wishing to have an overview of the contribution given by the civil society in this regard in the Balkan countries and to exchange experience with the civil society of those countries,  AIS is organizing on 29 July 2016, in Tirana, a Workshop on Civil Society Monitoring Public Procurement and Contracts – experiences from the South Eastern Europe and beyond.

Experiences of Monioring of Procurement by CSOs in Region Session Presentations

Institute Alternative Montenegro - Ana Durnic

Riinvest Kosovo - Driart Elshani

Transpernacy Internationa Bosnia and Herzegovina - Elvira Mujkic

Open Data Kosovo - Blinera Meta

Albanian Institute of Sicence - Shefiko Hajna

Open Contracting Partnership Presentation

Open Contracting Partnership- Georg Neumann

List of Selected Participants

No Name Surname Email Country Organization Travel Grants
1 Aida GJIKA [email protected] Albania Faculty of Economy. University of Tirana
2 Ana DURNIC [email protected] Montenegro Institute Alternative
3 Aranita BRAHAJ [email protected] Albania AIS
4 Armela PENGILI [email protected] Albania ANTTARC
5 Artan CANHASI [email protected] Kosovo Kosova Democratic Institute -KDI
6 Bardhyl JASHARI [email protected] FYROM Metamorphosis Foundation
7 Besa OMBASHI [email protected] Albania Open Society Foundation for Albania – OSFA
8 Besjana HYSA [email protected] Albania AIS
9 Cornelia ABEL [email protected] Germany Transparency International (TI)
10 Dalina JASHARI [email protected] Albania Institute for Democracy and Mediation – IDM
11 Driart ELSHANI [email protected] Kosovo Riinvest
12 Elvira MUJKIC [email protected] Bosnia and Herzegovina Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina
13 Eugena TOPI [email protected] Albania Albania Center for Economic Research- ACER
14 Eva MEQEMEJA [email protected] Albania AIS
15 Jonida SALI [email protected] Albania AIS
16 Julia HOXHA [email protected] Albania AIS
17 Miranda HAXHIA [email protected] Albania The Supreme State Audit
18 Blinera META [email protected] Kosovo Open Data Kosovo
19 Shefiko HAJNA [email protected] Albania AIS
20 Mircea SERDIN [email protected] Romania Initiativa Romania
21 Idlir DERVISHI [email protected]  Albania The Supreme State Audit
22 Orsela DROJA [email protected] Albania
23 Abi DODBIBA [email protected] Albania
24 Orkidea XHAFERAJ [email protected] Albania
25 Jasminka BJELAVAC [email protected] Bosnia and Herzegovina HBS Office Sarajevo
26 Jelena VUKOBRAT [email protected] Bosnia and Herzegovina HBS Office Sarajevo
27 Blerta ZILJA [email protected] Albania Faculty of Economy. University of Tirana

Evaluation Report

Travel grants for participants from Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be provided on request up to amount of USD 250 for travelling expenses (airtickets, trains ect ) and two nights of accommodation in Tirana

 Only persons, whose participation will be confirmed, shall be entitled to this compensation.

The deadline for registration was 28 June.

For further information, please contact: [email protected]