Public Data Usability – New Standarts of Publishing Government Data

The Albanian Institute of Science, promoter of Open Data Albania, supports and promotes processes for transparency and good governance in the public sector. The publication of government data without legal, administrative and technologic barriers is now an engagement of the Albanian Government in the framework of Open Government Partnership. The civil society and the independent experts’ community have an im…portant role in supporting and monitoring this process.

For this purpose, we invite experts and activists as follows:

Expert/IT Specialist
Expert/ICT Specialist
Software Developer & Webmasters
Activists for transparency through new technology

to participate in the “Public Data Usability/New Standards of Publishing Government Data” one-day training. The training is free of charge and will take place on April 27, 2012, in Tirana.
This one-day training is organized in order to offer further qualification and expertise for employees of public administration and experts that work on technologies with the civil society. According to the Government engagement to Open Government Partnership, very soon it will be compulsory for the official data to be in the Open format. This engagement raises the need for expertise and knowledge for the professionals involved in the field.

For registrations, please click the link below:


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