Access to Justice – A database monitoring the integrity of new justice system

Access to Justice Albania is a well-structured database on procedures and individuals being promoted to the justice system following the Justice Reform and the legal reform package adopted in 2016.

The database is being created and maintained by AIS, an organisation known for promoting open and transparent data in Albania. Access to Justice Albania through information and easily accessible documents is designed for a good purpose and intended to introduce you to the output and outcomes of the Reform. Information creates guarantees for transparency in the sector. The functioning of this information portal will boost public control over the integrity of institutions and individuals that are part of the system. There will be a comprehensive catalogue of acts and documents for each institution related to its product on this portal.

The same applies to each judge, prosecutor or member of the system, for whom a passport of information and documents is prepared, reflecting their career, skills, integrity and self-declarations required by the law.

In addition to the documents prepared by the institutions themselves, there will also be provided monitoring reports by local organizations that are following the process by contributing to this scanning process. The purpose of the database is to enable a broad and full range of information on one single platform, where the relevant documents are easy to access for all. In addition, the database as a good software solution will also be accessible through machine and search filters.

The information available in this database is information which the public sector is obliged to create public access instruments. The initiative also aims at challenging the not-so-transparent and consistent publication models of official information and documents, often characterizing the public institutions in the country.

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