Access to Justice – A public register for the magistrates, created by a Non-Governmental Organisation

Access to Information Database is a data mine into the justice system. A passport of information, documents, and data is created for each individual that is promoted and qualified in the vetting process, enabling public monitoring of individual integrity. This data is restructured, setting a model for the Magistrates’ Register. The Register represents a legal obligation for the new justice institutions, not yet fulfilled . Access to Justice contains data on CVs, public declarations, qualifications, scientific research, promotions, disciplinary measures, and asset declarations for each individual judge and prosecutor. Access to Justice enables also access by search filters for each document of the new justice systems, such as acts, decisions, official records, reports, etc. AIS, the organization promoting Open Data for Albania has created and maintains this data mine. On 1 October, the vetting process has fully confirmed in office only 76 judges, prosecutors and individuals of the justice system. 123 judges and prosecutors have been dismissed. For 48, the process has been terminated. A decision was made by the Special Qualification Committee for 28 others, who are pending a decision from the Public Commissioner or the Special College of Appeals. A passport of information and documents is created for each judge and prosecutor who has fully passed the vetting process on our Access to Justice website. This passport enables public access and monitoring over the integrity of promoted individuals. This includes:

  1. Vitore Tusha Judge
  2. Fatjona Memcaj Prosecutor
  3. Manjola Xhaxho Judge
  4. Marcela Shehu Judge
  5. Anila Leka Prosecutor
  6. Dritan Prenci Prosecutor
  7. Brikena Ukperaj Judge
  8. Vate Staka  Prosecutor
  9. Arta Marku Prosecutor
  10. Kostaq Beluri Prosecutor
  11. Nertina Kosova Judge
  12. Ardian Dvorani Judge
  13. Medi Bici Judge
  14. Brunilda Kadi Judge
  15. Dritan Hallunaj Judge
  16. Gentjan Medja Judge
  17. Adnan Xholi Prosecutor
  18. Bujar Sheshi Prosecutor
  19. Sokol Stojani  Prosecutor
  20. Arnisa Kellici Candidate Judge
  21.  Miranda Nakaj Legal Assistant
  22. Arta Vorpsi Legal Advisor
  23. Enton Dhimitri Judge
  24. Fiona Papajorgji Member of the CC
  25. Emona Muci Judge
  26. Alma Kolgjoka Judge
  27. Arben Kraja Prosecutor
  28. Eloida Goxhi Prosecutor
  29. Alfred Progonati Prosecutor
  30. Gentjan Jahjolli Legal Advisor
  31. Adrian Shega Former Legal Advisor
  32. Alma Muca Prosecutor
  33. Altin Binaj Prosecutor
  34. Eriol Roshi Judge
  35. Elsa Toska Member of the CC
  36. Ornela Naqellari Judge
  37. Albana Boksi Judge
  38. Esmeralda Ceka Judge
  39. Dhorina Theodhori Prosecutor
  40. Rexhep Bekteshi Judge
  41. Elidiana Kasa Prosecutor
  42. Sotir Kllapi Prosecutor
  43. Sokol Binaj Judge
  44. Edvin Kondili Prosecutor
  45. Artan Shtrungza Prosecutor
  46. Ened Nakuci Prosecutor
  47. Enkeleda Millonai Prosecutor
  48. Vladimir Mara Prosecutor
  49. Margarita Buhali Judge
  50. Esmeralda Keshi (Cami) Prosecutor
  51. Klodiana Veizi Judge
  52. Saida Dollani Judge
  53. Behar Dibra Prosecutor
  54. Zeqir Hoda Prosecutor
  55. Elida Kackini Prosecutor
  56. Olsian Cela Prosecutor
  57. Maela Alicanaj Legal Advisor
  58. Altin Dumani Prosecutor
  59. Enkel Peza (legal assistant, candidate magistrate)
  60. Sokol Ibi Judge
  61. Sonila Muhametaj (Domi) Prosecutor
  62. Artur Kalaja Judge
  63. Daniela Shirka Judge
  64. Iliriana Olldashi Judge
  65. Doloreza Musabelliu Prosecutor
  66. Klodian Kurushi Judge
  67. Genti Xholi Prosecutor
  68. Sander Simoni Judge
  69. Miliana Muca Judge
  70. Thoma Jano Prosecutor
  71. Asim Vokshi Judge
  72. Gjon Fusha Prosecutor
  73. Edlira Petri Judge
  74. Ilir Toska Judge
  75. Dhimiter Lara Judge
  76. Manjola Kajana Prosecutor