Dear friends,

If you wish to encourage and support AIS work and products through your donations, please note that they are only acceptable if compliant with Article 37 and 38 of Law No. 8781, Dated 3.5. 2001 “On non-profitable organizations”.

Only donations lower than 500 USD made through bank transactions shall be accepted without a Donation Agreement.

Account Name:           Instituti Shqiptar i Shkencave

Bank Name:                Banka Kombëtare Tregtare

Account No.:               521446722

Iban in ALL :                AL6720511715446722CLTJCLALLA

Iban in Euro :              AL6020511715446722CLTJCFEURR

Iban in USD :               AL7820511715446722CLTJCFUSDA

Swift Code:                  NCBAALTX

Please make sure you specify on the bank transaction description that  your donation is made based on Law No. 8781/2001 in the Republic of Albania.

Every donation shall be reflected on our accounts and reflected on our Public Financial Tables, which are accessible for both the public and donors.

Thank you for following us! We hope to have satisfied your wish for information, transparency, and accountability. Should you need anything else, please contact us at [email protected]