Register of Magistrates, Proposal of Civil Society Action Plan OGP, Component Open Government for Access to Justice and Digital Governance

The Register of Magistrates is an unfulfilled legal obligation, and the civil society proposes to consider it as a Government commitment in the 2021-2022 Action Plan.

AIS as an organization, draws attention to the institutional delays for the creation of the Register of Magistrates for Prosecutors and Judges. This register is both a legal obligation and a set standard for the Justice Reform. AIS has proposed to the Intergovernmental Technical Committee tasked for drafting the Open Government Partnership (OGP) 2021-2022 Action Plan, to commit and include in this plan the implementation of such as Register. The direct beneficiaries of this plan are two key institutions of the Justice System, the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council. Governments have the obligation to draft the Action Plan for the Open Government Partnerships in cooperation with the civil society. Below the request proposal.

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