Date 2 December 2019

The Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), a non-profitable organization, registered in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Albania, established on 28. 03. 2011 by Decision No. 3048 of the Judicial District Court of Tirana, by Fiscal Number (NIPT) L11529451L, and address: Asim Vokshi Pallati 13/25 Kati 3, Tirana, Albania, represented by its Executive Director Aranita BRAHAJ.

The Organization complies with the National Legislation and good practices. In order to ensure its economic efficiency, AIS act according to the following rules. Any provision of this regulation that is in contradiction with the law shall be invalid.

Rules on advance fees for staff travel, transportation costs, accommodation, per diem, travel insurance and unforeseen expenses

For every business trip out of the city or abroad, the organization keeps documentation and dates as follows:

  1. Internal service order
  2. Date and precise travel destination
  3. Activity or reason for participation
  4. Name and position of the Traveling individual
  5. Estimated Expenditures
  6. Which budget covers travel expenses.

Travel advance applies for trips out of the city and out of the country, with the staff member returning after official working hours. Travel costs must be justified by the purpose of travel and its relevance. In any case, they are estimated precisely in an internal order of the Executive Director or the Secretary-General. Advance payments are made through the bank account. Usually, the amount of per diem and the way reimbursable travel costs are calculated are foreseen and approved in the budget of every project (donor) and planned according to the project donor’s reference costs.

In any case, the staff is expected to provide proof of expenditures and transport costs, such as public transportation tickets, cost bills, fuel, and road tax bills.

The staff per diem is not subject to the 15% tax withheld at the source.

Accommodation costs are covered only in case return from business travel is not possible within the official working hours.

The service orders could also allow for an advance payment for unpredictable costs. However, this needs to be proven by a detailed document and financial proofs.

Upon completion of the trip, the staff member must also submit a memo on the business travel performance and results.

In the end, the advance payment can be withheld from the salary unless documents justifying expenditures are not submitted.

The organization should ensure travel under normal and not discriminatory conditions.

The daily per diem and the limit for accommodation are determined in the project budget. Otherwise, fees are set by applying a table of reference costs applied to the organization’s analog projects.

In any case, the service order must be signed by the traveling staff member.