Open Local Government Procurements – Open LGP

This portal intends to make open and easily searchable the data related to public tenders and contracts of the local government (61 new municipalities). Thus, the citizens shall be able not only to see what services, works, or public purchases are being contracted, but even the amounts of money allocated to the public programs. Every call for tender will be transparently accompanied by updated additional information about the project name, type of procurement, tender deadlines, number of participating bidders, the selected offers, project status, date of financial clause, operational period of contract and payments made by the State Treasury Office for each public service or public work.

Quantitative Indicators:

  • An online portal on Open Local Government Procurement
  • 10 analytical articles with macro indicators on procurement and public works ODA
  • Full list of private companies contracted for public works from the municipalities, and the respective public work descriptions
  • Aggregated data about the value of public programs and public works for the period
  • Presentation of Portal in four programs in the local media
  • Approximately 15 thousands unique visitors, taking as a reference the number of visitors in the Spending Data Albania portal in its first year of launching.

Qualitative Indicators :

  • Information and transparency about procurement and public works of municipalities in the country
  • Instrument to facilitate monitoring of procurements by citizens
  • Assistance for investigative journalists and contracted clients of public programs to easily access and understand procurement data
  • Instrument to control local government officials’ performance and hold them accountable
  • Evidence and transparency on the distribution of public money/programs in various areas

Beneficiaries / Potential Audience :

  • Citizens
  • Media representatives
  • Stakeholders and representatives of organizations involved in watchdog or advocacy processes for local government
  • Representatives of the business community interested in information about public tenders and the overall progress from the call for tenders to the implementation process
  • Parties interested in information about the distribution of public funds and works, tender characteristics, geographic distribution of public programs, etc.
  • Municipalities, local and central government institutions interested in good models of opening up public information
  • Parties interested in implementations of Open and Linked Government Data

The project is implemented by: Albanian Institute of Science

Duration for the first phase: November 2015 – November 2016

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy

Open Procurement in the Media