Database of Concessionary Companies – Information on their Contracts and Performance

A concessionary register by the civil society versus the Government register. It is 222 business companies involved in concessionary agreements or PPPs with the Albanian Government, which anyone may monitor on our database, under the ‘Concessionary Companies’ category . It contains information for each company regarding their structure, ownership, history of ownership transfer, annual […]

Lezha Citizens’ Initiative published the corrupt contract.

Lezha Citizens’ Initiative published the corrupt contract. Money spent for missing services. Citizens have no water. The database of Open Procurement Albania includes information about a fictitious tender, including unequal treatment of participants and manipulation. Where does citizens’ money go? Why expensive contracts do not guarantee even basic services? What happened with the water supply […]

Fact-Based Journalism – MGP, an influential project

Our Money, Government and Politics Program, supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania, in the framework of the MATRA for Rule of Law Program, has significantly contributed to fact-based journalism over the last two years. Upon completion of the first phase of the program, one may see dozens of topics and articles on […]

Follow the Money – Financing of Electoral Subjects and Electoral Corruption Workshop on ScanTV

In order to strengthen the role of the media in issues of transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption, AIS organized Follow the Money – Financing of Electoral Subjects and Electoral Corruption  Workshop Decriminalization, standard and audit rules of electoral finance, misuse of public sector were topics addressed by expert participants in the workshop : Mr. Afrim KRASNIQI, […]

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana invited in “Tonight Ilva Tare” program speaks on the EU presidency and the country’s integration process

Invited on the “Tonight Ilva Tare” TV program, Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania, whose country holds the EU Presidency during these six months, said that non approval of the justice system reform means great sufferings for Albanian people and obstacles standing in the way of the […]

Albania is awarded the European prize for using Information and Communication Technologies

Evaluation based on the inspiring stories presented by representatives of participating countries  Author: Erisa ZYKA Broadcast by ABC News TV The Albanian society is among the most active European societies in using Information and Communication technologies. In other words, Albanians, and mainly young Albanian men and women use social networks like FB and Twitter, but […]

The three leading political parties PS, PD, LSI sued by AIS

For the first time AIS has sued to the court the three main political parties in the country the Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, the Socialist Movement for Integration and the Commissioner of the Right of Information. Albanian Institute of Sciences urged parties’ the three public bodies to give information concern the finances of the […]

The right to access of information on electoral financing process

The financing of political parties in Albania is regulated by law, but the local election campaign of June 2015 has indicated that the audit process of financing and expenditure declaration of political parties is reflecting gaps to the access of information of these data. In this context, on September our organization as a promoter of […]

ZA’LART in Media

Over 230 cases of “Vote Buying” reported at ZA’LART Link: Legal consequences for Vora’s Mayor, Aranita Brahaj representative of  ZA’LART speaks about election concerns for VOA   Use of Young People during Election Campaign and Vote Abuse Election Day and Irregularities Reported at ZA’LART – Voice of America

EU Ambassador Mrs. Romana Vlahutin invited citizens to denounce vote buying at ZA’LART

International community has been very committed on the electoral process on June 21, 2015 in its normal proceeding and to not support such phenomena as vote buying. EU Ambassador Mrs. Vlahutin during the II Conference of Electoral Situation Room organized by Soros Foundation for pre- and post-election situation appealed the citizens to denounce any possible […]