Treasury payment 2019, the institution of the highest portfolio

Tirana Municipality has paid through treasury transactions executed in 2019 (January 1st to December 31st) a total amount of 14 126 289 737 (fourteen billion and one hundred and twenty-six million and two hundred and eighty-thousand and seven hundred and thirty-seven) Lekë. Equivalent to about 115.8 million Euros. With this payment portfolio, Tirana Municipality […]

The procurement law, Brahaj: It does not solve the impasse, deep reform needed.

The latest legal amendments to the public procurement law do not solve the impasse created with tenders.

Our Project Open Contracting Albania and Red Flag Index Impact, media coverage, and public pressure

There have been dozens of media articles published every month based on the data provided by the system for Transparent Procurement and Red Flag algorithm. The articles are generally of a reporting nature and quite discrete usually in the arguments they provide. The information available has helped especially fact based journalism. There have never been […]

7 January 2020, Top Story Media Programme: 1 in 3 tenders with no fair competition. Open data promote investigative journalism and enable reporting of corruption over Albanian taxpayers’ money

On January 7th, Top Story, an investigative show, reported on forms of fraud with public procurement tenders in the country. Journalist Entela Bajramaj and the national Top Channel TV team introduced shocking facts on Top Story, such as one in every three tenders being conducted without fair competition. 300 million Euros of taxpayers’ money seem […]

Albania 1 Euro – The Government rented eight state properties for 916 new jobs

The Albanian Government has signed eight contracts in 2019 for economic subjects that have obtained actual rights over state property against a symbolic price of 1 Euro. The Albania 1-Euro programme aims to give potential employers state property to use aiming at increasing private investments and the number of employees. In 2019, six businesses and […]

Access to Information on Justice, and the integrity and promotion of individuals in the justice system

Data and documents on the justice system after the Reform. Additional access to information on the new justice institutions and individuals being promoted to the system. The new Access to Justice Info database aims at enhancing the integrity of processes and institutions through a data mine and information made available to the public and journalists. […]

Open Contracting for Tenders by Albanian Road Authority – Transparency and Risk Assessment of Abuse

Tenders and Contracts awarded by the Albanian Road Authority are now accessible by Open Contracting standards. Following tenders for municipalities, public-owned business companies, health, the Albanian Road Fund and Central Purchasing Agency, the non-profit organization AIS is also ensuring transparency over tender stages and contracts awarded by this key contractor authority in the country. The […]


AIS, an organization promoting Open Data Albania invites you to access information through our new database entitled access to Justice Info What are the professional profiles of the senior SPAK prosecutors (special anticorruption structure), CVs and their career, level of education, experience with the justice institutions, documents submitted in the application process, decision-making of […]

Money and Power, Integrity and Wealth of Member of the High Judicial Council

The Access to Justice Information database contains now data and documents on institutions and individuals promoted under the new Justice Reform. The data provide information on laws, decisions, reports, decision-making acts, and performance of the system. In addition to institutions, individual passports of accessible information are also created both for judges and prosecutors remaining after […]

Albanian Civic Society against the government’s proposed changes to the medial law

The Assembly of Albania is expected to vote on two laws known as the Anti-Defamation Law, a legal initiative of Rama’s Government, at its plenary session on Wednesday. The Civil Society and Representatives of the Albanian Media have called for a protest in front of the Assembly on December 18th, at 09:30. #MOSnaPREKfjalën is the […]