Open Data Albania, Media, Week from 2 to 10 May, Reconstruction Fund, its Use in the Electoral Campaign

Data published by Open Data Albania portal and the blog were referred to in the first week of May as a factual source for several media stories and articles. The main topic in the media is the potential use of the Reconstruction Program Fund after the earthquake of 26 November 2019. During the Election Campaign, March […]

Eavesdropping of NDrag’heta involving the Municipality of Tirana and the Health Authorities – What do we know so far? published on 21 January an article entitled: Eavesdropping of Ndrag’heta involving the Municipality of Tirana and Health Authorities. The article as follows: View Post The arrest of tens of members of the Italian mafia group, Ndrangheta, emphasized their connection with officials of Tirana Municipality and Rama Government, and their involvement in corrupt tenders and construction […]

Data/ How did Ndragheta’s intercepted company win 80 public tenders in Albania ? “Open Data” raised the red flag, but no one listened to it. has published on 23 January 2021 an article entitled Data: How Ndragheta’s Company won 80 public tenders in Albania. Open Data raised the red flag, but no one listened to it Persons involved in the Euro 250 million affair in Italy are being interrogated.The data available shows that Ndragheta’s intercepted company has won 80 public […]

Albanian Media: Eavesdropping of Italian Anti-Mafia about Influence over Tenders in Tirana. 80 Procurement Processes were already reported by Open Procurement Albania for their risk of Corruption and irregularities

Several news portals have used our databases in January in reporting on corruption and irregularities. Some of them report on alleged connections between eavesdropping made by the 2017 Italian Anti-Mafia (published in Italy in January 2021) and the tenders reported for risk of corruption and irregularities on our database for Transparent Procurement. The Italian Anti-Mafia […]

Map of Albania Oligarchs (Names of those who have received MILLIONS OF EUROS from Albanians’ taxpayers)

Risk Assessment in Tenders/Municipalities, whose 30% of the contracted value goes to one single company by direct negotiations RED FLAGS – Local Government Units of Albania are ranked on the top when it comes to abusive tenders. As history shows, small and average-value tenders organized by them tend to usually go to family relatives or […]

The reconstruction programme after the earthquake of November 26th, tenders and contracts

The Albanian Government continued its tender procedures during March – June for the reconstruction and development of buildings and areas damaged by the November 26th 2019 earthquake. So far, there are two authorities involved: the Albanian Development Fund and the Municipality of Tirana. Open Procurement Albania is preparing passports for every tender and contract procedure […]

Purchases for Covid-19 Situation, the Albanian Government applies Secrete Contracts, bypassing Participation and Transparency

AIS, an organization promoting Open Data Albania, observes with concern that the Albanian Government has decided, in an anti-constitutional manner, illegally, and without any legitimate need, to consider Secret Contracting and Procedures for purchasing during the emergency created by Covid-19.   Through two Decisions of Council of Ministers (DCM), namely: DCM No. 203, dated 26.02.2020 […]

What the Health Sector is procuring includes small purchases for the safety of the regional doctors;

What are our Health institutions purchasing through negotiations for emergencies or through common purchasing procedures? We have a track record of all the public health sector investments and purchases. In the past two weeks, a few purchases have been recorded for the reinforcement of hygienic protection for health buildings. Link health tendersOther transparent procurements for the […]

7 January 2020, Top Story Media Programme: 1 in 3 tenders with no fair competition. Open data promote investigative journalism and enable reporting of corruption over Albanian taxpayers’ money

On January 7th, Top Story, an investigative show, reported on forms of fraud with public procurement tenders in the country. Journalist Entela Barjamaj and the national Top Channel TV team introduced shocking facts on Top Story, such as one in every three tenders being conducted without fair competition.  300 million Euros of taxpayers’ money seem […]


Ne, një grupim prej 15 organizatash të gazetarëve dhe shoqërisë civile, në mënyrë të përsëritur, duke filluar nga Dhjetori i vitit 2018, përmes deklaratave tona publike i kemi kërkuar qeverisë të tërheqë dy projektligjet e prezantuara publikisht si Paketa Antishpifje, duke renditur të gjitha kundërtitë tona. Gjithashtu, pas dorëzimit të këtyre dy projektligjeve në Kuvendin […]