Empowering fact-based journalism through Open and Linked Data – Media Impact, May 2024

Even throughout May, dozens of media reports in newspapers, television screens or web-portals were written based on evidences and information extracted from AIS / Open Data Albania databases. The organization continues to strengthen fact-based and quality journalism despite the struggle to secure  the continuation its programs targeting the use of Open Data for Anti-corruption efforts. We have routinely assisted media representatives through info sessions, training or meetings held at the organization’s offices. Every week, journalists are being supplied with OpenData and well-structured LinkedData on public tenders, public expenditures and businesses that were awarded the status of public contractors.


Having access to well-structured, fast, complete and transparent information over public spending and public contracting, journalists build stories/reports based on data or are able to do fact checking. This type of quality journalism demolishes propaganda, produces indisputable investigation pieces and sheds light on cases of conflict of interest, abuse of office or irregularities. Among the Media Reports for the month of May, we list:


  1. The Voice of America, the Albanian-language reporting broadcaster, published on May 9th a News Chronicle titled: OpenDataAlbania (AIS’s main project) finds Prime Minister Rama’s figures on public procurement inaccurate


The news is built as a Fact Checking report. The Prime Minister’s statement on the wide distribution of public contracts in a large number of business entities is confronted with statistical data of a ten-year period monitored by the team that works for AIS’s Transparent Databases in the Public Procurement sector,  shortly referred as Open Procurement Albania.


Contrary to the Prime Minister’s propaganda about 25,000 businesses that have been awarded public tenders, the organization can confirm that the number of Businesses that benefit from public money through public contracting, all in all does not exceed 4,000.


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The data upon which this media report was build on was published on the Data.al website. Fact-Checking: Verification of Public Procurement Statistical Data, reported by Prime Minister Rama at the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group Meeting on 07.05.2024 – Open Data Albania (ndiqparate.al)


2. CNA media investigates senior public officials in potential Conflict of Interest, connected to family business success


Under Investigation by SPAK/ tens of millions of euros turnover and profit from Veliaj’s brother’s company

The news investigates the growing economic performance of a business, which follows the rotation in the Municipality of Tirana administration after the 2015 Elections

Media reporting uses as evidence the Gogel Business Passport  crated in our Open Corporates Albania database.


Open Corporates (ownership) database Albania is a database created to enable data tracking, as well as improve and disclose (disclose) data on Ownership and Conflict of Interest for Businesses that have been awarded public contracts or have connections with important sectors and incumbents.


3. The Telegraf Newspaper published on its front page an Article on Budgetary Payments for PPP programs or Inefficient Concessions under investigation by SPAK 


In its reporting, Telegraf uses data from an Analysis produced by Open Data Albania on payments from the State Treasury for these programs. More specifically: Albanian citizens’ taxes in the Budget will pay for Concessionary PPP contracts .


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4.The Balkanweb News Portal and News 24 TV published an Investigation entitled “Doubts about fictitious competition/ OSHEE tenders in the Energy (sector) are won by the same company, the other company only in the race to favor the winner 



This investigation is triggered by the list of procedures with a risk of competition abuse, produced by our Open Procurement Albania Platform, in which tendering procedures are scanned every day and those that present a risk for inequality and competitiveness are marked with RedFlag.


AIS Promoter of Open Data for Albania thanks fellow journalists and media editors who conveyed to their audience concerns or struggles AIS/OpenDataAlbania is encountering in securing funds to implement Watchdog and Anti-corruption projects.


BalkanWeb: Anti-corruption projects in the absence of funds and donors. The AIS organization asks for help, OpenSpendingAlbania is in danger of being closed due to lack of funds





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Web Portal Eskluzive: Alarm/ Closure of Open Data for “lack of funds” a heavy blow for transparency, media and democracy!





Lapsi.al: The “Open Spending Albania” portal with data on budget payments is closed due to lack of funds





Faktor.al: Anti-corruption projects in the absence of funds and Donator! AIS organization asks for help, OpenSpendingAlbania is in danger of being closed





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