The Media Impact for “Open Data, Access and Transparency over sectors exposed to Risk of Corruption” Project. This Week in the Media – corruption in tenders, conflicts of interest and nepotism uncovered. Factual, Evidence and Open Data based Journalism

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The organization and the team working at AIS are pleased to note that journalists from pluralist medias in the country have disclosed dozens of corruption stories in the last week, using open #OpenData and linked data #LinkDATA from the databases owned by AIS, otherwise known as OpenDataAlbania.

The data used was extracted from:

1. Public Tenders Marked with Red Flag (,
2. Data over Treasury Transactions Payments (,
3. Data present in the Asset Declarations of Senior Officials and
4. Open data concerning Businesses awarded Public Contracts and Projects (OpenCorporates.Al)

Journalists have built stories raising allegations of corruption and conflicts of interest at the high levels of the Central and Local Government

Evidence Base Approach and Factchecking Data are two important tools for Qualitative and Investigative Journalism. A free and pluralist media, as well as a journalists’ prerogative to tell the truth cannot work without the information, access and the databases that guarantee transparency and accountability.

We have listed below some of the Media Reports from this week, which involve corruption stories uncovered thanks to our open databases #OpenDataAlbania

The Albanian Gazette publishes: The State Supreme Audit (SSA) reveals that Deputy Prime Minister Balluku added 50 million Euros to her portfolio, questions over the legality of a Normative Act. Media Report Link

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The online media BoldNews writes: Veliaj (the Mayor) awarded 130 thousand Euros in tendering to one of his director’s sister. Investigation Link

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BalkanWeb published the following article: Suspicion of Corruption: how the Turkish company was favored for the Llogara Tunnel, the winner made the most expensive offer, the diversion with the Subcontractors’ papers. Read Original Media Link

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Panorama Web writes: The Shell Business Scheme (shell scheme in the Netherlands) that is “biting the head” off Ilir Beqaj. Vetting reveals PPP threads. Who are the owners and how they maneuvered with shareholders in offshore and shell companies  News Link

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NewsBamob reports: Actuality. 175 suspicious municipal tenders. They don’t fear SPAK. Link to the online article

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Gazeta Panorama published the article: Vetting reveals what has been going on behind-the-scenes. Balluku (Deputy Prime Minister) the bandmaster of  the Llogara tunnel’s tendering – the project’s supervision awarded to Berberi’s partner (former Albanian Road Authority director in the prison on charges of corruption) News Link

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Syri TV investigation: The Plug Show – The companies of Kujtim Qefaliaj’s (MP) son-in-law awarded 76 tenders by Erion Veliaj (the Mayor) Investigation Link

Ora News Evening Interview. Brahaj reveals that we don’t have Foreign Strategic Investors, they are the same ones that receive concessions and public tenders. Interview Link

The online media Fjala published the article: The names of the ten companies that benefited 6 billion Euros from the State Treasury. News Link

The Reporter platform published the following analysis: The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Tendering can turn into an alibi for corruption. Article Link

The online media Gogo: Here’s the companies that bought land all over the country for 1 Euro. Online Article Link

Despite the positive results in strengthening and promoting quality journalism, investigative journalism, evidence-based reporting and fact-checking, the organization AIS, promoter of Open Data Albania, is encountering numerous difficulties in its line work, one of the most significant being faced with Lack of Funding Opportunities to guarantee the continuity of its operations, which has compelled the organization to ask for help, in the last few weeks, for financing and donor support. Read More