Share PSI 2.0 Workshop in Berlin: Maximizing interoperability — core vocabularies, location-aware data and more

Albanian Institute of Science (AIS)  is being represented by Besjana Hysa at the workshop Share-PSI 2.0 taking place in Berlin on 25- 26 of November. The workshop is explicitly interested in ideas, concepts and solutions that directly or indirectly address the interoperability of open data and PSI. In order to identify best practices the workshop with focus in the areas of Public Sector Information, cultural heritage, commercial and scientific data that are also relevant.12265796_10206461028298482_7907977692778259273_o12247998_10206461029618515_9218758947201088749_o12291737_10206461030058526_3307530724395671215_o

Spending Transparency for Municipalities

Open Governance – Good Governance

USAID/Albania and PLGP, in collaboration with the Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), has launched an “Open Governance as Good Governance” initiative. This initiative will draw upon the AIS project experience to make model municipalities’ budgets more transparent by publishing municipal finance information using an Open Data format.

ODA publishes well-stuctured data for corporates that functions as media associations

Shoqëri Biznesi (alb): Open Corporates Albania that functions as Media

Through the publication in one of its sections the Open Data Albania Portal makes possible the visualization of data on Media Associations.

 The data gives information on:

  • The Media Associations in Albania
  • Their legal form
  • Who are the shareholders and the associates
  • Their annual profit

These data are available to the section Open Corporate Albania by selecting at Corporate Category “Media Associations”.

 The illustration in the attached image 1 shows how to select the category

 Up to now there are 111 Audio-Visual Media subjects

Once you have clicked one subject demonstrated in an alphabetical order (first with a letter A) like AV N. By clicking you can see the general information of the company. Then you can click the visualization that display pictures on the companies profit  over years, the distribution of capital by the associates and shareholders of the company.

Clicking at the Treasury Transactions  are displayed all the values that AVN has benefited from budgetary institutions. In this case the company has received 3 transactions from 2 institutions.

Attached the illustration (figure 2) indicates where to click for further information on the company.

Like for the AVN you can find data about 111 media subjects.  The section provides information on companies suspended or closed.

You are pleased  to use such information without restriction, but always with the suggestion to quote the indicated portal where the data is available. At the same time at the Open Corporates Albania you can find data for different  sectors and companies.

shoqerimediatike-oda avn-oda

AIS against the Draft Law on Defamation

AIS as a promoter of Open Data Albania joins the call of BIRN Albania against the Draft Law on the Defamation. This draft law foresees and open the way to the imprisonment of journalists. Any claim for criticism or a negative analysis for corruption will serve for stakeholders as a defamation reason. Until our problematic judicial system will prove the claim, who knows how many journalists will be unjustly in jail?

AIS joins the call of BIRN Albania

The government is asked to withdraw the draft law that criminalize the defamation against the elected high state officials.

Also, AIS urges the Albanian Parliament to not pass this law and invites all civil actors to join the campaign.

The Ambassador of Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania visited AIS

The Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands supports the Albanian Institute of Science in our ‘Money, Government & Politics’ project. This project intends to address issues of abuse, corruption and conflict of interest in the context of governance and politics in the country by sharing public data on expenditures of state institutions, electoral spending and the wealth of high state officials. On 8th of October Ambassador Dewi van de Weerd visited the offices of the Albanian Institute where she had a discussion with Mrs. Aranita Brahaj and her team on the ongoing projects in publishing data on the online platforms ( and in a standardized format, which makes it easier for citizens, journalists and civil society to analyze and compare the large datasets that are made available by the Albanian government. The comparison and analysis of such data increases transparency and accompanied by public discussion these projects can lead to meaningful change. Her Excellency strongly appreciated our projects and stated that the Embassy will continue to support great initiatives undertaken by AIS.

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