The Ambassador of US in Tirana supports Civil Society: Democracy cannot be successful without a strong Civil Society

Ceremony held by USAID / Albania and Assist Impact


USAID / Albania and Assist Impact are supporting eight civil society projects to empower democracy. In a special ceremony held on 16 of April, was the signing of grant support agreements. One of the wining projects was that of our organization, called: Money, Government and Politics. The Executive Director Ms, Aranita BRAHAJ signed the agreement on behalf of AIS. Through this project is aimed the promotion of transparency and civic reaction, release of data on the assets declared by senior officials and judges, as well data on assets and public expenditure.

The Ambassador of United States of America in Tirana Mr, Donald LU present at the ceremony emphasized the value of civil society groups in Democracy. In his welcoming speech Ambassador Lu stated that: “The Albanian Government, local governments and private businesses should understand the value of civil society groups and take responsibility to financially support and encourage them. Without a strong civil society, no democracy can be really successful”


Assist Impact is implementing a three-year project for USAID / Albania, entitled “Human and Institutional Capacity Building”. The project aims to support non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies and business associations, in improving their skills and work.

As part of this project, Assist Impact, through a competitive process, has selected eight organizations from all over Albania. The goal of the grant is to increase the participation in decision-making, the role of the community and the accountability of public officials.


  1. In the picture, the US Ambassador in Tirana Mr, Donald LU with grant beneficiaries.foto 1
  2. In the picture, the Ambassador Donald LU and the Executive Director of AIS Ms, Aranita BRAHAJ during the grant ceremony.foto 2
  3. In the picture Ms, Aranita BRAHAJ signing the grant agreement.foto 3