AIS at WeLoveData event

On 24-25 March 2015, UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and the ECSI organized in Istanbul, Turkey an Open Data Workshop for NGOs in Euro-Asia called WeLoveData. The workshop was designed to address the needs and challenges that the growing open data community is facing in Europe and Central Asia. The workshop brought together 30 journalists, civic activists, and data analysts from over 15 countries across the region.

AIS /Open Data Albania was presented by two of its members, Ms. Shefiko Hajna ( Data Analyst ) for our Money Governments, and Politics Program, and Ms. Marilda Mancka, one of the founders of the organization and the Open Data Albania working group. They shared with the workshop participants the experience of the Albanian NGO in opening data regarding the Public Treasury, Declaration of Assets of Senior Officials, Electoral Spending, and other datasets available on the Spending Data Albania portal. The agenda of the event was very interesting and provided a unique opportunity for civil societies of Euro-Asian countries to share their experiences.


GOW15 at “Ismail Qemali” High School

As part of ‪#‎GOW15‬ activities in Albania, AIS organized two meetings with young people from high school “Ismail Qemali” in Tirana to encourage young people to choose to study in fields where the labor market has more demand.

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Albanian Institute of Science is looking for associates

Albanian Institute of Science in the framework of a better territorial implementation of its programs is looking for associates, mainly for media correspondents from different regions of Albania. Specifically, from cities/towns such as: Mirdita; Malësi e Madhe; Bulqizë; Mat; Kurbin; Kamzë, Peqin; Lushnjë; Kuçovë; Urë Vajgurore; Poliçan; Gramsh; Maliq; Devoll; Mallakastër; Skrapar, Kolonjë, Përmet.

These associates must be residents in one of the cities/towns mentioned above, and have a good comprehension of democratic values and culture. An essential criterion for our associates would be the experience and education in journalism; communication; public relations; social and political science. It is important for them to be able to act as active citizens in raising awareness. Their commitment will be in certain months and period of the year, based on the themes and activities of the organization.

If you would like to join our activities and gain experience on a program of a high social and media impact, please contact at:

AIS is attending Open Data Priorities and Engagement event

AIS is attending the event entitled Open Data Priorities and Engagement , that is taking place on 16 and 17 March in Timisoara, Rumania. The event is organized by Share-PSI 2.0, the Network for Innovation in European Public Sector. Our organization, AIS, as a promoter of Open Data Albania, shall be presented in this event as the initiator of the publication of datasets, such as the Concessionary Register. AIS shall be represented in this event by its Executive Director, Ms. Aranita BRAHAJ. The event will take place in West University of Timisoara, distinguished as an innovative University, especially in applying opportunities and modalities offered by IT.

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Real Time Reporting – Training for local journalists

ZA’ LART , ICT for Fair Election

On 12 of March, AIS organized the training entitled:  Real Time Reporting. The training aimed to enhance the capacity of local journalists in monitoring and reporting the problems in the electoral process. Participants were representatives of traditional media (TV and newspapers) from districts of: Korça; Shkodra; Fier; Dibër; Vlora and Kukës. The training is part of project activities of ZA’ LART 2015. Important concept of this project is the use of Information and Communication Technology, ICT in Elections. In the training contributed moderators and trainers engaged in election monitoring and reporting like:

Mimoza KOÇIU, former public relations officer at the institution of the President of the Republic of Albania (2007 – 2012), currently political analyst for various media, trained the participants on the Voting Process Issues and Election Administration irregularities.

Matilda DURI, moderator at ZA’LART, referred on the accessing options and the use of the open source ZA’LART Albania.

Klara DERVISHI, editor-in chief at Ora News, facilitated the training on reporting cases of tension and lack of ethics in election campaigns.

The concept of ICT for fair election was referred by AIS Executive Director, Ms. Aranita BRAHAJ.

Other activities and trainings with small groups of activists and local reporters will take place, in the framework of the process of local government elections of 2015.  ZA’LART  is an AIS program financially supported by OSFA. ZA’LART slogan is Make Elections Count.

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