Exclusive Program sheds light on MPs declared assets

Vetting and audit of assets, wealth, and economic interests of the representatives of lawmaking politicians. This has been an issue that was discussed and translated into a draft law for the Parliament of Albania. AIS, a promoter of Open Data Albania, and the Institute of Political Studies, have made their own analysis of the representation of people of economic power in the Parliament, conflicts of interests of businessman MPs, and connection between money and politics. “Exclusive”, a TV program on the national Top Channel TV, has investigated the size of this phenomenon and the need for vetting the wealth of the MPs. The title of this investigative is “The Millionaires’ Poverty”. On the 21st of December, the Parliament voted against the draft law proposed by the Democratic Party on Vetting of the Figure of MPs.

Transparency, Monitoring and Evaluation of Procurement of Central Purchasing Agency

The project entitled “Transparency, Monitoring and Evaluation of Procurement of Central Purchasing Agency” aims at disclosing data regarding procurement and contracts signed by this newly established agency. For that, a data catalogue shall be developed containing data concerning all the tenders carried out by the Central Purchasing Agency (CPA) for its two first years. Transparency, Monitoring, and Evaluation shall be done using Open Contracting Standards, which are not currently used by the Government Procurement System in Albania. A well-structured database to evaluate performance and identify risk of corruption shall be created, containing data that are easy to find and use regarding CPA tenders for 2018-2019. Every procurement shall be automatically scanned for risk of corruption, and identified by RedFlag markers.

Evaluation: Activities and Objectives are relevant to the anti-corruption strategy. The project delivers results for two years of CPA public tender, evaluates its performance, quality of tenders, measures integrity and efficiency indicators. This project strengthens the culture of monitoring and evaluation, and identifies potential risk of problems with the quality of competition.

Beneficiaries: citizens, media, actors engaged in anti-corruption, non-public sector (accountability) and the public sector (good governance). 

Project Justification:

Council of Ministers Decision No.81/2018 led to the establishment of a Central Purchasing Agency in line with the objectives of the Anti-Corruption Strategy, responsible for procurement on behalf of ministries, agencies, and executive authorities. There is a need to monitor and evaluate its performance for the first months, especially before and during the 2019 elections, with a view to identifying potential risk of public contracts being used for electoral influence.

Open ICT Education for youth employability

Open Data Kosova (ODK) and the Albanian Institute of Science (AIS) are implementing the Open ICT Education for Youth Employability Project. This is an EU-funded IPA cross-border project. Its beneficiaries include Universities and secondary schools in the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania. The objective of the project is to foster youth employability providing an open access to critical ICT knowledge and skills, and strengthening cross-border cooperation between the educational institutions. The first online ICT platform is created through this project in the Albanian language.

Transparency in Health Engagement Project

Transparency in Health Engagement Project is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of its Contract.

Agreement Number: Contract Number: AID-182-C-17-00001 (USAID/Transparency in Health Engagement Project held by prime recipient University Research Company, LLC (URC) and by sub-recipient Albania Institute of Science (AIS), Tetra Tech, and Boston University.

The Transparency in Health Engagement project is funded and managed by the USAID/Albania.

Notifications and publications related with the engagement in this Project :