Our Project for Empowering Youth in Tech Industry, BootCamp with students of kursori.org

Empowerment of Youth through online training and employment opportunities in the Tech-Industry market. This is the impact of the project implemented by two organizations in Kosovo and Albania, the ODK and AIS. The project enabled school students from non-developed areas such Kurbini and Lezha to be trained and mentored at three levels via the platform Kursori.org. Thirty of the best students, trained and distinguished for their developers’ skills worked together during the BootCamp to program business ideas. In the end, the works were presented in front of Tech-Industry businesses representatives in Albania and Kosovo, who are looking for junior staff in their companies. BootCamp is on of the activities of our Open ICT Education project for Youth Employability, funded by the European Union in Albania as part of the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Albania-Kosovo. You may find the successful works conducted in the Bootcamp on our site and on the social networks of AIS and ODK.

Open Corporations Albania, business data in the country, database audience grows

The Open Corporates Albania website, which provides information of an economic nature, in the Albanian language, reaches a record number of clicks. Over 20 thousand unique users every month, i.e. 40% more than last year, Open Corporates Albania has resulted to be a favorable website for the information it provides for business companies contracted by public institutions. In January 2020, according to Google Analytics, the website reached a total of 32899 unique users and 1 million page views. Although 90% of the information is only available in the Albanian language, the website is also clicked in other countries as well. Thus, 78.4 % of the clicks come from Albania; 4.2% from neighboring Italy, third comes USA with 3.4% of the clicks, followed by Kosovo, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, and France. Currently, the website is being maintained and updated with data by AIS team, a non-governmental organization promoting Open Data in Albania

Open Data promotes investigative journalism, facts about fraud through tenders

1 in 3 tenders without fair competition, open data encourage investigative journalism to denounce corruption with taxpayers’ money On January 7th, the TopStory investigative show on Top Channel denounced forms of fraud through public procurement tenders. Shocking facts were brought to the program for one in every three tenders without fair competition. 300 million euros of taxpayers’ money results to be lost every year, abused and misappropriated through tenders with clientelist elements. AIS, an organization promoting Open Data in Albania, contributed to this courageous TV investigation through data released: Specifically: Data about tenders and contracts with problems regarding competition published on the Open Procurement Albania portal; information about clientelist companies published in the Open Corporates Albania portal, and data on the payments from the State Budget published on Spending Data Albania . For the last four years, AIS has been publishing data and assessing the risk of irregularities in tenders, known as RedFlag procurement, identifying information and gaps for every tender held by municipalities Albanian Development Fund Albanian Road Authority Health SectorCentral Purchasing AgencyPublic-Owned Agency;