AIS vs. SP, SMI, and DP over Electoral Spending Transparency. AIS request the Administrative Court of Appeal to accelerate the court proceedings

In the context of the court proceedings and our efforts to force the political parties to provide the public with real time (during the election) data about the Financing of their Electoral Campaign, we are sharing with you some information about the latest developments.

Thus, AIS has filed a request with the Administrative Court of Appeal, asking it to: Abrogate of Decision no. 44, dated 22.07.2015 of the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data.  Force the political parties to give the complainant (AIS) the information about the financing of their electoral campaign requested on 09.06.2015.

The complainant in this process is: AIS, a non-profitable organization.

Defendants include: the Commissioner for the Right to Information, DP, SP, and SMI.

The case is registered with the court on 18.01.2016. The announcement of the Decision of the Court of First Instance, and the Transfer of the Case File to the Administrative Court of Appeal were delayed by two months. The court has drawn a lot, as a result of which the case is assigned to Judge Artur Malaj. Pending the court decision, AIS is afraid of potential prolongation and delays as a result of the technical workload of the administrative court.

In this context, AIS notes that the purpose of this court case, and the importance it has for the public interest requires the case to be adjudicated in due time, and without years-long prolongation. If the adjudication is prolonged and not finalized before the start of the next electoral campaign (2017), the purpose of the case and its adjudication are no longer important or relevant. In addition, a final interpretation and court decision would contribute to the process of debate and work for potential legal amendments in the framework of the Electoral Reform scheduled to be made and finalized within 2016.

Therefore, AIS in its capacity as the complainant in this court case, addressed the Administrative Court of Appeal, its Chief Judge Kastriot Selita, the case rapporteur, Judge Artur Malaj, and asked them to accelerate the court trial to as a short timeframe as possible.


Let me also remind you that our claim to real-time information about the financing of the electoral parties is based on Article 9 of the Constitution, point 3 “The financial resources of the political parties and their spending shall always be made public”.


Please find below a copy of the request made to the Administrative Court of Appeal for an Acceleration of Trial

Request for acceleration of adjudication

Copy of the second  request made to the Administrative Court of Appeal for an Acceleration of Trial

Second request for acceleration of adjudication

DiploHack applications


Information on time for public procurement to be improved

Email 1Print Screen Ap 2Print Screen App


Fund your idea:technical assistance, accessibility to data sources capacity building



Helping domestic violence victims



Education and labor market


The Pink Team

Common Places, on open digital platform as space of discussion about the creation of common places


Albanian Tulip

Civil Society Platform:Making Albanian NGO’s more effective by improving their visibility


#Love in Action

Universal access in Tirana:an interactive map of accessibility statuis of public spaces for people with disabilities


The Pioneers

Balkan Bike, digital platform for cycling mobility

The Pioneers Slide1The Pioneers Slide2


Neighbour tap



Giving a voice to citizens through technology:website and app that allow citizens to contact directly their political representatives



See and Act, responsibilities of local governments


Sunshine Pirates

WANA app(We Are Not Alone): helping people who live alone for medical emergency purposes


The Fifth Power

Be My Guest: Digital tourism ma of Albania with info on region/attraction and populations


DiploHack Tirana Award Ceremony

What happens when a programmer, a civil society representative, and a diplomat solve a problem together?! The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania and Albanian Institute of Science hosted more than 50 participants on 29-30 January at DiploHack Tirana. Thirteen teams composed of a mixture of diplomats, programmers, and civil society representatives worked together on ways to use open data and technology to strengthen civil society advocacy. In the end, the teams presented thirteen applications designed to raise the civil voice.


The winner of #‎DiploHack Tirana was #‎LoveInAction team with their app AccessHack, an app that maps public buildings in Albania according to how accessible they are for people with disabilities.



DiploHack Tirana Teams and Apps

  • Team: HopEU, Helping Domestic Violence Victims IMG_0206
  • Team: Swords, Idea: Fund your idea, technical assistance, accessibility to data sources, capacity building. Title: Fund Jour Idea IMG_0196


  • Team #4Techno, Idea: Information on real time for public procurements to be improved. Title: Public procurements IMG_0191

  • Team: Slackomats Idea: Education vs Labor Market.IMG_0210


  • Team: The Pink Team, Common Places, an open digital platform as space of discussion anbout creation of common places.IMG_0214
  • Team: Albanian Tulip. Idea: Civil Society Platform

  • Team: The Pioneers Idea Balkan Bike Digital Platform for cycling mobility IMG_0237

  • Team: Click Idea Neighbor tapIMG_0242


  • Team: DEC16 Idea: Giving a voice to Citizens through technology, website and app that allow citizens to contact directly their political representatives.IMG_0248


  • Team: DotHack Idea: See and Act. Responsibilities of local governments.IMG_0254


  • Team: Sunshine Pirates: WANA app (we are not alone) helping people who live alone for medical emergency purposesIMG_0260


  • Team: The Fifth Power: Be my Guest: Digital Tourism map of Albania with info on region/attractions and populationsIMG_0268


DiploHack Tirana is the first of a series of events that the Netherlands will hold in EU countries during 2016 with photos, video presentations, and developed applications.

Programme Diplohack Tirana

DiploHack: Introducing The Challenge

 Friday 29 January, 17 – 18:30

Embassy Netherlands, Rruga Asim Zeneli 10

Welcome – what is a hackaton – composing the teams – logistics.

Diplo Hack: Hackathon!

Saturday January, 9:30 18:00

Embassy of the Netherlands, Rrug Asim Zeneli 10

10:15 welcome by Dewi van de Weerd, ambassador of the Netherlands to Albania

10:20 Presentation: open Data and how to use it by Aranita Brahaj

Phase 1: Ideation 10:30 12:00


Lunch 12:00 – 13:00

Phase 2: Prototyping 12:00 17:00

Phase 3: Preparing an elevator pitch 17:00 18:00

Prepare an elevator pitch of MAx 3 minutes cn the idea MAX 1 visual


Diplohack Tirana Award Ceremony

Saturday January, 19:00 – 21:30

Destil, Qemal Guranjak

Presentations of the teams – Key note speech by Ened Mato – Award and drinks