CEPI project with Transparency International, Workshop with journalists and activists, Monitoring of public sector databases and use of evidence based practices to accountability

The organization AIS, otherwise known as Open Data Albania, organized a workshop with journalists and activists on the topic of Monitoring Public Sectors, Databases and guaranteeing Accountability through Evidence based practices. This event was held as part of the EU 4 Rule of Law Project: Civic Engagement for Public Integrity in the Western Balkans and […]

Activism and Civil Society for Drafting, Consultation and Implementation of the State Budget in Parliament

The organization AIS/Open Data Albania organized, on October 23rd, in the city of Lezhe, a training with activists, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The subject of the training “Activism and Civil Society for Drafting, Consultation and Implementation of the State Budget in Parliament”. The event was held within the framework of the Project “Increasing […]

Public Procurement in Albania – Matters of Practice and Legislation

Presentation by: Aranita BRAHAJ, Executive Project Coordinator Viktor GUMI, AIS’s Legal Expert October 19th, 2023, h.13.00. AIS’s commitment towards Transparency, as well as Improving Accountability and Dialogue within the Cluster 1 negotiation framework. AIS is a local organization founded in 2011, best known as the promoter of Open Data Albania, working on Transparency, Accountability and […]

Master Class on Electoral Integrity and Improvement through Data and Evidence-based Processes – Open Data Youth Fellowship

On July 3rd, an event titled “Master Class: Electoral Integrity and Improvement through Data and Evidence-based Processes” was held. This event served as a platform for data analysts participating in the Open Data Fellowship Network’s Youth Capacity Building Program to present to their younger colleagues and those interested in issues related to electoral integrity. The […]

51 Parties have benefited ALL 2.17 billion from Taxpayers in 10 years 2011-2022

AIS has just published an article on the Open Data Albania page showing the Public Money Value that Political Parties have received in 10 years. 2011 – 2022. The data provided in the article disclose public funding from taxpayers’ money distributed to (51) Beneficiary Parties1), by Year abd by type of funding, i.e. annual or […]

Debate and Policy Paper on “Financial Control of State-Owned Corporates” (Standards, Chapter 32 of EU Integration)

The organization AIS, promoter of Open Data Albania, organized on May 31st, a Debate and Presentation of a Policy Paper on the topic of Financial Control of State-Owned Corporates (SOC – State Owned Corporates). Financial Control, as in chapter 32, part of Cluster 1, in the process of fulfilling the conditions and standards for Integration. […]

Datathon Albania

  Monday and Tuesday, From 3 April, 09:00 to 16:30 and 4 April, from 17:00 to 18:30 Rogner Hotel, Antigonea Meeting Room Topic of DataThon: Party Financing Data, Charts, Visualizations and Recommendations The participants of DataThon Albania this year are young people from the OpenDataFellowship Network   Datathon Albania 2023 is organized by AIS, promoter […]

DataThon Albania 2023 – Topic Party Financing Data, Charts, Visualizations and Recommendations

Make Data Great Again   What is DataThon Albania 2023 DataThon is a marathon event where citizens work together to collect, analyze data and raise awareness about a specific topic. The word DataThon is a combination of Data plus Marathon. The work consists of data collection, analysis, comparison, structuring and visualization of information. Usually, a […]

“February, Month of Civil Engagement for EU Integration” started – AIS presented a Policy Paper on Integrity Control of Public Contractors, EU practice and the Albanian Context

February, the Month of Civil Engagement for European Integration, began with an event of the Organization AIS, whose purpose was to present a Policy Paper titled “Control of the Integrity of Public Contractors, EU practices and contracting in the Albanian Context”, drafted in the frame of the C1-EU- NPA Project. His Excellency, the ambassador of […]