Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana invited in “Tonight Ilva Tare” program speaks on the EU presidency and the country’s integration process

Invited on the “Tonight Ilva Tare” TV program, Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania, whose country holds the EU Presidency during these six months, said that non approval of the justice system reform means great sufferings for Albanian people and obstacles standing in the way of the country’s integration process.

However, dedicated people are working hard for this reform and according to the Ambassador finding a consensus to adopt this reform will be a turning point for the Albanian politics.

As regards the fight against corruption and organized crime, the Ambassador said that she was surprised by the fact that the chief prosecutor reorganized anti-corruption structure, given that it is one of the priorities for Albania.

Albanian asylum seekers in the Netherlands have 0% chance to obtain asylum and according to the Ambassador all the Albanians should try to build the future in their own country.

She further underlined, that as holder of the rotating EU presidency, the Netherlands will play the role of impartial mediator with Albania and that Albania should focus more on the work than on words.

In Tonight Ilva Tare television program in Ora News, there were also presented several programs supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including the AIS organization’s program titled Money, Government and Politics. This program aims at creating tools for civil transparency and control over government with the aim to empower citizen’s participation and reaction.

DiploHack Tirana 29 – 30th January

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania and the Albanian Institute of Science will host DiploHack Tirana, “A Voice for Civil Society: Using Open Data to Strengthen Civil Society Advocacy” on January 29 and 30. This Hackathon event will bring together civil society representatives, diplomats, and programmers in a day-long session to work together towards creative ways for using open data to give civil society a stronger voice.

As the current holder of the Presidency of the European Union, the Netherlands has as one of its principles to promote dialogue between citizens and governments. Transparency plays a crucial role in a meaningful public debate, and using technology and open data can contribute significantly to empowering civil society, journalists and academia.

Mixed networks and collaborations are becoming increasingly important; the world is changing, and so is diplomacy. The rapid evolution of new technology offers both challenges and great opportunities. To meet these challenges, diplomats regularly collaborate with other actors to set up co-creative events that can approach issues of global relevance through ideation and design processes.

A #DiploHack combines the specific know-how and skill sets of NGO’s, social entrepreneurs, tech developers and designers, and those of diplomats, journalists, and academics to ‘hack’ problems and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Small teams comprised of a civil society representative, a diplomat, and a programmer will work together for 24 hours. The team with the best idea wins the DiploHack Tirana Award.

Date: 29 afternoon and 30 January all the day.

Location: The Public Award Ceremony from 19:00 till 22:00 at 30 January 2016 at Destil

Hashtag: #DiploHack

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Diplohack Albania 2016 Award

#Love in Action

Access hack in Tirana: an interactive map of accessibility statuis of public spaces for people with disabilities.


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Information on time for public procurement to be improved

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Fund your idea:technical assistance, accessibility to data sources capacity building



Helping domestic violence victims



Education and labor market


The Pink Team

Common Places, on open digital platform as space of discussion about the creation of common places


Albanian Tulip

Civil Society Platform:Making Albanian NGO’s more effective by improving their visibility


#Love in Action

Universal access in Tirana:an interactive map of accessibility statuis of public spaces for people with disabilities


The Pioneers

Balkan Bike, digital platform for cycling mobility

The Pioneers Slide1The Pioneers Slide2


Neighbour tap



Giving a voice to citizens through technology:website and app that allow citizens to contact directly their political representatives



See and Act, responsibilities of local governments


Sunshine Pirates

WANA app(We Are Not Alone): helping people who live alone for medical emergency purposes


The Fifth Power

Be My Guest: Digital tourism ma of Albania with info on region/attraction and populations



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DiploHack on A Voice for Civil Society, 29 and 30 January, Tirana, Albania.
The Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania, together with the Albanian Institute of Science, is hosting a DiploHack on A Voice for Civil Society. Mixed teams of 3 or 4 people will work together in a day-long session to develop ways to use open data in order to help strengthen civil society advocacy. The team with the best idea will win the DiploHack Tirana Award.


Albania ranked in 37th position in the Global Open Data Index 2015

In the Global Open Data Index recently published, Albania  holds the 37th position in the ranking. Such positioning shows that the country has less open data compared to other European countries like: Norway, Netherlands, France Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and even Kosovo . Meanwhile Albania left behind Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia Georgia. Taiwan  holds the first place in the Index. The European countries with the best performance are Britain, Denmark and Finland, while the United States maintain the 8th position.

The openness of official data for the main databases in Albania is at 42%. Satisfying indicators show the data on National Statistics and Public Budget. While the information over Public Procurement and Weather forecast it is low or there is lack of data. Global Open Data Index was conducted by the Open Knowledge Foundation Network and for Albania the assessment was organized by AIS staff and associates.