Make Elections Count

The ZA’LART 2015 project will enable the civil monitoring of, and reporting on, the electoral process of 21st of June. The program slogan is Make Elections Count and it aims at encouraging citizens to be critical and denounce problems that damage the elections! ZA’LART works as a web and app mobile, inviting citizens to monitor and report any problems and abuse they see in relation with the electoral process in real time. Reporting is easily applied within a few seconds, preserving the citizens’ anonymity. Every report or denouncement shall be crosschecked by the Ad-Hoc Editorial Team composed of local journalists and volunteers trained for fair elections and democratic culture.

We invite you to follow us and join reporting on ZA’LART 2015 platform through Web, App Mobile, FB: ZA’LART – Raised Voices Albania (community), Twitter ZA’LART@ZaLartAlbania; and You Tube.

The ZA’LART Team is open to cooperate with the institutions, civil organizations and networks operating on monitoring and electoral culture. Anyone interested in being updated about citizens’ reports made on this platform, may register on the Merr Sinjal (Receive Notification) section, selecting the area or the category of violations, in which he or she is interested. All citizens’ reports shall be published and available on the map of ZA’LART platform (70 reports made one week ahead of the campaign).

ZA’LART is also being conducted in the framework of the civil society initiative to coordinate fair elections 2015 – Election Situation Room. Everything is being done with the contribution of the citizens, moderated by the Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), with the financial support of the Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA) and the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in Tirana. Its opinions, findings, and recommendations are those of the authors, and do not necessarily represent those of its Financial Supporters.

You may contact us at any time, and are welcome to actively join ZA’LART !

Thank you!

ZA’LART 2015 Team

The Right to Information on Electoral Financing and Media

Training for Journalist: The Right to Information on Electoral Financing Entities

AIS as a promoter of Open Data Albania, with the wish in enhancing civil society-media partnership, held on May 9, 2015 in Tirana the training entitled: The Right to Information on Election Financing entities. Part of the Money, Governments and Politics project. Journalists and civil activists have an important role in the process of transparency of Election Financing, a right clearly determined by Constitution. The training aimed to enable media representatives and increase legal knowledge on electoral funding. During the event discussion raised problems encountered by legal experts, analysts, political and investigative journalists, on financing of political parties and candidates, the electoral law and electoral expenditure.

Program as follows:

▪ 09:30 – 10:00    Welcome & Registration on participants: Besjana HYSA Program Coordinator and Aurora SULCE Moderator.

▪ 10:00 – 11.00 Viktor GUMI, Legal Expert. Overview of Political Parties and candidates financed

Question and Comments regarding Legal predictions and general issues of entity financing

▪ 11:00 – 11:20    Olta BEGU, Analyst for Open Data Albania. Open Data about electoral source of funds. Illustrations from Electoral Spending Albania.

▪ 11:20 – 12:00    Questions and Discussions: The right to information on electoral financing entities. Law and Practice

▪ 12:00 – 12: 20    Aranita BRAHAJ – Transparency through Data, Novelty 2015 via MG&Politics program

▪ 12:20 – 12:40    Conclusions Aurora Sulce – Journalist role in fostering transparency, Olta Begu –Institutional competence in auditing and control

Data about registered journalists

  • Gender Ratio: 8 men, 22 women, 24 Media agencies represented.
  • 83% of participant were journalist with more than 7 years’ experience in media
  • 15 of participants works on Visual Media, 1 in Radio, 10 in newspapers, 3 on news agency and 1 in a press office.
  • 5 journalist were representatives of National Television
  • Registered participants representatives of Radio, TV and Public Information Agencies
  • Registered participants, journalists from newspaper of the two most important political parties, Rilindja Demokratike and Zëri i Popullit.

Spokesperson of the Central Election Commission was also present at the training with journalist


Training Modules:



Participants in the Training

Adriatik DOCI Gazeta SOT
Alma DEMIRAJ Top-Channel
Anila HOXHAJ Top Channel
Anisa XHANI Gazeta “Tema”
Aurora SULCE Tv “Ora News”
Aurora MURA Zëri i Popullit
Bledar HOTI Gazeta SHQIP
Bledian KOKA News 24
Brahim SHIMA News 24
Darina TANUSHI Gazeta Shqiptare
Dashamir BICAKU A1 Report
Entela DURAJ KosovaPress
Erald HOXHA ShqipëriaCom
Erion TODHE Tv Klan
Eriselda Martini Albanian Screen TV
FATION BINJAKU Gazeta Panorama
Keti BANUSHI Vizionplus
Luljeta PROGNI Illyria
Merita HAKLAJ ABC News
Suela TOPI Gazeta “Shekulli”

Opening Up Concessionary Agreements, Vlora Prefecture and Municipality subject to accountability

Open data and articles published in Open Data Albania and Spending Data Albania portals have been (re)used by the media and public at circa 90% of information disclosed by AIS. Concessionary Contracts publication has encouraged the media to better dive into data of calls for tenders related to concessionary projects.

A typical case is the parking concessionary contract in the municipality of Vlora. This tendered contract made in November 2014 and signed on February 2, had passed without the public and media attention. The contract has a timeframe of fifteen years and has its effects on the citizens and tourists of the municipality of Vlora. After contract was disclosed in our Concessionary Register, citizens of Vlora expressed their discontent about the concession. The same discontent for the Municipality decision, was articulated in media even by the representatives of central government through the Head of Prefecture in Vlora, Mrs. Etjona HOXHA. The Prefecture claimed that was not notified on this contract, although according to the municipality declaration this contract was signed by its secretary. Thereby, the General Secretary of Prefecture Mr. Dritan HALILI was forced to resign from his duty. Currently, supreme State audit and public procurement agency are verifying if there is any abuse and violations of the law in granting the concession.