Media Coverage- “Castles of my coast” action in Borshi Castle

The event was covered on TV through spots that promoted citizens’ reaction and action.

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AIS attended the conference: Political Accountability and New Technologies ( POINT 3.0 )

point3.0 1466039_780531985324219_1887497166427510096_n 10276554_754510451256537_739708157_n 10301942_687586951301094_5858042977116287858_n 10325510_780532318657519_4879991722102836526_n 10380994_687585887967867_4851449464017010075_nPolitical Accountability and New Technologies ( POINT 3.0 ) conference took place in Art Cinema Kriterion in Sarajevo from May 22nd to May 24th.

This year’s program offered a variety of great speakers, panels, exhibitions, workshops and screenings.

Among other great speakers, there appeared Michael Slaby, the CTO of the Obama 2008 campaign; Chris Albon from Ushahidi; Sultan Al-Qassemi, one of the most distinguished bloggers and analysts on the Middle East also Ardian Haxha and Drinor Selmanaj from FLOSSK Kosovo in collaboration with Victor Nitu and Ioana Cristea from Ceata Foundation Romania with the workshop about Security and Privacy.

Several panels in the two days of the conference addressed interesting and burning issues, like challenges of open government, humor and satire as means of political activism, measuring truth in the eve of elections and political activism going digital.

Albanian Institute of Science was introduced , in the second day of the conference, with the project of Open Spending Albania/ Open Data Albania. Our representative Besjana Hysa spoke about Open spending Albania – five apps for treasury monitoring. First, money map provides information on the budgets in the past few years (planned and actual!). Bubble tree is an app that visualizes the budget and provides citizens with an overview of budget categories, a cool thing to do, being that budgets can be boring sometimes. Daily bread tells you how much money are you giving to which area through your taxes. Another part of Open spending Albania is Fund diversion. Great feature of this app is that it identifies most discriminated areas of the budget. Also, the most important thing was monitoring of state treasury spending, and although we had problems with transparency from the government, things are now much better.Thanks to several years of work and coordination among the civil society and the public administration in the framework of OGP, Open Data Albania managed to develop an application for monitoring the state treasury. The work for this result has started much earlier than the project itself.Finally, the Albanian state budget is open, and our application offers some information filters based on: how public administration spendsthe Money; where do the funds go; how much is paid for different services; how much Money specific companies receive from specific institutions over a certain period of time; how much Money was spent in a short period of time.

Treasure Monitoring marks the most decisive moment in the process for an Open Government.

Due to the tragic situation caused by unprecedented floods across the country, POINT 3.0 Conference dedicated part of its time to try and help people in need. U.G. “Why not” already established the “Flood Map” website throughout which citizens can report the problems incurred as a result of floods, publish locations help collection, the most important information to contact support services operating in BiH, but also lists of all the bank accounts opened for donation.

POINT 3.0 Conference devote the entire third day of the conference, which is scheduled for practical workshops, to developing new or improving existing platforms for disaster aid.

POINT conference was organized by CA Why not (Zašto ne) from BiH, in cooperation with Center for Research on Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) from Serbia, Metamorphosis from Macedonia, Mjaft from Albania, Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) from Montenegro and IPKO Foundation from Kosovo.

Partners and supporters of this year’s conference were also National Endowment for Democracy, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Embassy of the United States in BiH, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, TechSoup, Emerging Democracies Institute, Analitika and Mediacentar.

AIS promoting Get Online Week Albania

Java Europiane e Përdorimit të Internetit 2013, në Shqipëri ka diçka të veçantë. Për shkak të emigracionit në vendin tonë interneti përdoret sëtepërmi edhe nga nga mosha e tretë. Historia e dy të moshuarve nga qyteti i Vlorës të cilët paguajnë një të pestën e pensionit mujor për të pasur lidhje interneti në banesë është një histori frymëzuese. Në Javën Europiane të Përdorimit të Internetit, AIS sensibilizon për më shumë vëmendje për aftësim në përdorim me dobishmëri tek moshat e treta apo tek të rinjtë.

YouTube Video


TV - Get Online Week 2013StudioStudio e Hapur

Gjysher ne moshe interneti.

Gjysher ne moshe interneti.

Get Online Week – Employment Perspective of Albanian Youth in ICT Sector

AIS and WorldVision organized a meeting with 100 young Albanians from Kurbini to discuss opportunities of employment at the ICT sector.

This activity is part of the Get Online Week project.


AIS at the Open Society Initiative for West Africa

Albanian Institute of Science. represented by its Executive Director Ms. Aranita Brahaj, is participating in the event organized by Open Society Initiative for West Africa to present

“Making Elections Count: A Guide to Setting Up a Civil Society Election Situation Room”.

The event takes place 25-28 May, 2014 in Senegal, Dakar.

More information on

Java e Përdorimit të Internetit – Get Online Week Albania 2012

Instituti Shqiptar i Shkencave në partneritet me Telecentre Europe organizon për herë të parë në Shqipëri fushatën: Get Online Week 2012 – Java e Përdorimit të Internetit 2012. Kjo fushatë organizohet prej tre vitesh në vende të Bashkimit Europian. Qëllim i kësaj fushate është nxitja dhe aftësimi i sa më shumë personave në përdorimin e internetit. Këtë vit Telecentre Europe ka mbështetjen e drejtpërdrejtë të Komisionit Europian dhe disa organizmave të rëndësishëm ndërkombëtar. Synimi është shtrirja e  kësaj fushate në vende të ndryshme të Europës. Instituti Shqiptar i Shkencave do të përcjellë dhe konkretizojë në Shqipëri qëllimin e fushatës për dobishmëri dhe zgjerim të përdorimit të internetit nga qytetarët. Në fushatën 2012 në fokus qëndron aftësimi i grave për të përdorur internetin,  si dhe tek përdorimi i internetit në punësimin e të rinjve.

Sipas Eurostat Europa është ende larg për të arritur përdorimin e gjerë të internetit nga popullsia e saj. Vitin e fundit niveli i rritjes ishte vetëm tre përqind duke shënuar kalimin nga 65% tek 68%. Kjo dëshmon që ka shumë për të bërë. Në Shqipëri niveli vjetor i rritjes është shumë më i lartë, por numri i përdoruesve të internetit dhe përdorimi për aftësim dhe dobishmëri janë proçese dinamike që kërkojnë vëmendje dhe kontribut. Gjatë kësaj fushate një javore në 30 vende evropiane, nëpërmjet 15 000 qendrave të internetit synohet të realizohet aftësimi në përdorim i rreth 200 000 personave. Në Shqipëri fushata Get Online Week 2012 synon nxitjen e mbi 500 qytetarëve në përdorim apo aftësim të mëtejshëm në internet. Instituti Shqiptar i Shkencave fton qytetarët, organizatat jofitimprurëse, institucionet e edukimit, median dhe këdo tjetër të interesuar të përfshihen dhe bashkëpunojnë në Javën Shqiptare të Përdorimit të Internetit 26 – 30 mars 2012.

Fiscal Impact Assessment of Structural Reforms – Case Study on Albania

The country case studies in this volume represent just such an in-depth needs assessment for countries in the region, on an issue that is both critical and insufficiently addressed: how the fiscal impacts of structural reforms are integrated within the budget process. Working closely with Montenegro’s Ministry of Finance and with support from the World Bank’s SAFE trust fund, the Center of Excellence in Finance(CEF) identified authors with the right knowledge to assess the situation and offer recommendations for improvement. The Fiscal Impact Assessment of structural Reforms (FIASR) project is part of a long-term CEF program, Building Capacities for Policy Design and Implementation. The capacity development needs that the case studies have identified will be addressed through a series of CEF learning events entitled Strategic Planning and Budgeting from 2013 to 2015.

For this study, the working group of AIS focused on the most important structural reforms undertaken over the last 10 years in five sectors: Enterprise, Financial, Human Resource Development and Labor Market, Administrative Services, and Network Industry.

The main sources of data were taken from the Ministry of Finance, the Institute of Statistics, the Bank of Albania, line ministries and other responsible institutions, sector strategies, and the related legal framework in the five sectors examined, as well as signed agreements with other countries or international organizations. The European Commission’s progress reports on Albania and the reports from international organizations, such as the World Bank and UN, were also taken into consideration.

This case study consists of four sections. The first introduces the methodology used for this case. The second introduces the process of budgeting, not only its importance but reforms made during recent years, the legal framework, detailed procedures, and the main actors of this process. The third section focuses on the reforms undertaken in key sectors, institutions, and processes to include the cost of structural reforms in the state budget. The last section gives some conclusions and recommendations for all of the issues treated above.

Publication on the case study for Albania.

Link to the complete publication.

Hackathon Day in Tirana

Open Data Albania organized  its annual Hackathon, “Hackathon Albania 2013” on Saturday, December 7, 2013, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at Tirana’s downtown.

This event is a gathering of friends, activists and citizens that want to give their contribution through visualizations or projects, and help the general opinion.
Hackathon is a casual meeting, where we collaborate as a team in writing applications, downloading data, creating visualizations or publishing analysis by using the open data. This is done in order to show support and to encourage the implementation of open data policies from the government, as well as local and international institutions.
This year’s theme is: IT in Service of the Civil Society!”
A large group of activists, programmers, designers, economists contributed in the event.

1451612_476308789153492_2047205985_n 1452314_476438755807162_1713528146_n 1453509_476420919142279_1042597143_n

Action – Cleaning of the Castle of Bashtova

Action for Cleaning the Castle of Bashtova – 01 May 2014.

This is the action of a group of volunteers of the “Act Now as a Smart Tourist” project. About 40 volunteers participated in this action for cleaning and promoting the castles along the Albanian coast.

The Castle of Bashtova is a monument of the first category and is located next to the village of Bashtova, about 3-4 km in the North of Shkumbini River. The castle was built in the 15th century and served the venerians. The Castle is a witness of traces of civilizations. Its surroundings are still intact. Although very close to Tirana, only a few people are aware of its existence, or visited it.

The problem with such monuments is related not only to their pollution, but also with the lack of their promotion, as a result of which they are not used as tourist destinations.

In addition to contributing to cleaning the area on the eve of the summer tourist season, our activities also intend to raise awareness for better management of our monuments and their environment, and create more possibilities for using their cultural and tourist potential. We also try to publicly invite more citizens to visit our picturesque coast, not only for its nature, but also for its national and monumental values.1609701_669759823059952_8842407782604975130_n 10176143_668520189850582_7314880931481567300_n 10250077_668520356517232_5739368280734353705_n 10291285_668520276517240_956186825857344286_n

Volunteer Action: “Castles of my coast”

On October 18th, we organized the “Castles of my coast” action in Borshi Castle with the participation of 120 volunteers.

This castle is located in a tourist area along the coast, and it is very interesting for its tourist and environmental potential. Its maintenance leaves a lot to be desired. The road to the castle was blocked before the action because of sliding stones.

Our 120 volunteers reacted under the “Act Now as a Smart Tourist” motto, freeing the road from stones.

The castle was also cleaned of the waste produced during the latest tourist season.

On October 19th, there was another action organized with the participation of 60 volunteers for cleaning the fortress in the village of Qeparo. This is one of the most beautiful villages along the Albanian coast, but most of its inhabitants have immigrated leaving the village neglected. In addition to our contribution to cleaning at the end of the summer tourist season, we also tried to raise the public awareness for a better management of our monuments and environment, and for creating possibilities to make use of their cultural and tourist potential.

On October 20th, the volunteer action continued in Porto Palermo.

Porto Palermo is also one of the most beautiful castles in the country with a long history of battles for protecting the Albanian territory. The castle is somehow better maintained, but the site is previously used as a military basis, which has created problems of environmental pollution.

After the actions, the participants made sure they also raised awareness about this important environmental site, promoting its beauty through the social networks facebook and blogs.

The event was covered on TV through spots that promoted citizens’ reaction and action.

The volunteers were mainly from Tirana, and were joined by activists of three local organizations and students from Borsh secondary school.

In this Actions, Smart Tourist Albania was also joined by Tirana Ekspres; ‘Rojat e Kepit’ Club; World Vision Vlora; SEEP Albania, and other organizations and initiatives.1380730_585679804801288_228848239_n 1393491_585678208134781_1960814413_n 1235436_585672328135369_1036995985_n