Public Health Sector Procurements

The Public Health Sector Procurements Project has enabled the creation, promotion, and use of a well-structured database, which serves as an instrument (tool) for transparency, information, citizens’ monitoring about procurement processes of the Public Health Sector for 2016. The database contains well-structured data, updated in real time[1] and filters for ensuring user friendly information. It serves as an instrument for anti-corruption. Fact-based journalism and fact-base public debate is the final purpose of the creation of the well-structured database. It provides exhaustive information about every public procurement process in the health sector, and every public health policy-making and service institution, including the Institute for Health Insurance as an institution responsible for the obligatory public insurance scheme. Procurement processes of all kinds and values shall be controllable by the public in real time and in compliance with open contracting data standard

The objective of this project is to establish a platform that makes the public tenders and procurement contracts of the public health sector (institutions) open and easily monitor-able by citizens. The platform allows the citizens to observe which high-value services, works, or public purchases are being contracted, as well as monitor aggregated amounts of money allocated to public health programs. These data are interlinked with the Open Corporate Albania, creating a complete profile for each company that serves as an online Corporate Passport. The proposed platform and the dissemination activities around it shed the missing light on the procurement procedures and tenders, which are directly related to the citizens’ quality of life and health services for citizens.

Donator :  US Embassy through the Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

[1] Open tender, calls for proposals, direct negotiations, public-private partnership procurement, consultations, and auctions for the period 1 January – 30 December 2016