Raise Voice Albania – Youth for fair elections

The project aims to provide education, capacity building, response and youth activism for quality democratic processes and fair elections. The main purpose of the project is to ensure civil engagement for a fair and regular electoral process and increase and strengthen citizen’s participation in the democratic culture. Albanian youth can exert pressure on public institutions and especially on institutions involved directly in the electoral process. Ensuring democratic and fair electoral processes are the main objectives of project’s activities. The project will be working under the slogan Make Elections Count.

Full proposed project you can find here:

Za’Lart Albania – Raise Voice Albania – Youth for Fair Elections 2023

Open Data Fellowship Youth Network: working with young people to increase their capacities

AIS is working with a team of young professionals aiming to educate, increase their capacities in public speaking and evidence-based debating. They come from university auditoriums, important institutions, organizations and civic movements. Strengthening their capacities against corruption through civic education and improving Fact-Checking models are the main goals of the training curriculum,  assistance, and internships. The OpenDataFellowship Youth Network is being established within the OpenData Project, Access and Transparency on Corruption Risk Sectors, supported by Sida through the Swedish Embassy in Albania.