Open Data and Analysis about Family and Juvenile Criminality

Juvenile and Family Criminality – these topics were in the focus of the publications and analysis of Open Data Albania portal over the last weeks. From 4 up to 10% of the offenders punished for criminal offences and contraventions by the Albanian Court during 2005-2015, are under the age of 18. Crime against property, such as theft, as well as crime against life or accidents due to careless driving are the most frequent crimes among juveniles. The criminal policy in Albania continues to victimize people under the age of 18, punishing them paradoxically for crimes, where they are actually the victims, such as prostitution or illegal border crossing.

Fact-Based Journalism – MGP, an influential project

Our Money, Government and Politics Program, supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania, in the framework of the MATRA for Rule of Law Program, has significantly contributed to fact-based journalism over the last two years. Upon completion of the first phase of the program, one may see dozens of topics and articles on the front pages of newspapers, and headlines of TV programs. AIS has disclosed, well-structured, and analyzed data about the budget spending, economic and social trends, as well as data about the annual declaration of the high officials and judges, taxes, and public finances. Such range of information, which is easy to understand and use, has triggered the publication of hundreds of fact-based articles on the media.

Pozicion Pune IT, Webmaster

Kërkohet të punësohet me kohë të plotë ora 9:00 me 17:00 çdo ditë nga e Hëna në të Premte, një person në pozicionin Webmaster. Personi duhet të ketë njohuri IT, shprehi dhe eksperienca të mira mbi algoritmet. Njohur mbi databazat. Të mos ketë punuar vetëm me WordPress dhe të ketë aftësi të mësojë duke punuar. Personi duhet të ketë Diplomë Studime Universitare në Informatikë Ekonomike ose Inxhinieri Informatike.

Vëndi i punës është në Tiranë.

Dërgoni një CV në shqip ose në anglisht në adresën [email protected] titulli i emailit CV – IT, Webmaster.

Aplikimet  janë të hapura deri në datë 20 Dhjetor.

Follow the Money – Financing of Electoral Subjects and Electoral Corruption Workshop on ScanTV

In order to strengthen the role of the media in issues of transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption, AIS organized Follow the Money – Financing of Electoral Subjects and Electoral Corruption  Workshop Decriminalization, standard and audit rules of electoral finance, misuse of public sector were topics addressed by expert participants in the workshop :

Mr. Afrim KRASNIQI,  Executive Director AIPS
Mrs. Eleonora OLLI, Vice-Chairman IEKA
Mrs. Manjola NAÇO, Audit Director, ALSAI

and discussed with journalists.

Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands attended the event and highlighted the important role of media on  regular processes and shrinking electoral corruption cases.

Below chronicle prepared by ScanTV for this workshop.