Monitor Contracting through Data, Health Sector Albania

Monitor Contracting through data in the Health Sector, shining light on issues related with the distribution of money by contractors. 13 thousand contracts awarded by institutions of public health in the country (2016 – 2018) to 586 contractors , business companies. Thus, 61% of these contracts were finalized through tender procedures involving one single competitor, while 25% through closed tender procedures with negotiation . Transparent Procurement in the Health Sector not only opens up data about contracting in this sector, but it also provides opportunities for analyzing and visualizing information. This database will soon involve the application of a red flag algorithm identifying tenders posed to a risk of inequality, lack of competition, or situations of clientelism.

Database of Concessionary Companies – Information on their Contracts and Performance

A concessionary register by the civil society versus the Government register. It is 222 business companies involved in concessionary agreements or PPPs with the Albanian Government, which anyone may monitor on our database, under the ‘Concessionary Companies’ category . It contains information for each company regarding their structure, ownership, history of ownership transfer, annual performance in terms of turnover and profit, concessionary fees, address and licenses for the activities they carry out, etc. This range of data for each passport is published in JSON and CSV as open data formats. The information passports are accompanied by links to documents like contracts, amendments to contracts, special laws, procurement acts, and other documents relevant to concessions. The Albanian Government is involved in a high number of public-private partnerships in the recent years in sectors like energy, health care, education infrastructure, road infrastructure, telecommunication, services, etc.

Treasury Transactions. Weekly Payments made by State Budget Institutions

Everything about taxpayers’ money. Treasury Transaction is a well-structured database, which anyone may access for information about money paid by the state institutions from 2012 up to the present. The database contains data about all payments made by more than 1600 state budget institutions in the country. Using search filters, users may find information about payments by their date, amount, paying institution, beneficiaries, type of expenditure, number of invoice, etc. The data are officially provided by the State Treasury salary system, but AIS brings them in an open data and well-structured format, which is integrated into an application developed by AIS for this purpose. This database helps the public and taxpayers answer the question “Where does my Money go!?” It also enables journalists to report on certain payments and Government clients . The database is an instrument that makes it easier also for business operators to access and use the information made available.

Pozicion Pune Programues , Webmaster

AIS është në kërkim të një personi për ta punësuar me kohë të plotë në pozicionin e punës Programues ose Web Developer.

Personi duhet të ketë të paktën tre vite eksperiencë pune në këtë profil, njohuri në PHP/ JS / njohuri të mira në administrim databaz-ash në MYSQL (QUERY).

Preferohen edhe kandidatët që kanë njohuri në gjuhën gjermane, pasi kandidatë të suksesshëm mund të transferohen pas 6 deri 12 muajve në një subjekt të ngjashëm në shtetin Gjerman.

Pagesa neto është 900 USD, me kontribute dhe tatime të paguara. Java e punës është 35 orë.

Nëse jeni të interesuar ju lutem shkruani në [email protected] duke përcjellë një CV tuajën në një email me titull Aplikim Web Developer.