Electoral Room for Electoral Reform – a lobbying project, an initiative of the civil society

AIS is now engaged in a new lobbying project in favor of as fair Electoral Code as possible. The name of the project is ‘The Electoral Room for Reform’, and it is an initiative of five organizations, supported by the Open Society Foundation for Albania OSFA.


Get Online Week 2016

Get Empowered, Get employed The European Get Online Week is an annual digital empowerment campaign that engages and empowers people to use technology and the Internet with confidence and skills that allow them to benefit of the world of online opportunities. The campaign is organized each year in March by Telecentre-Europe.

ZA’LART 2015

ZA´LART 2015, is a project where the citizens are invited to denounce (report and alert) on an open source platform (website & app mobile), about problems they encounter during electoral campaigns and electoral day. Citizens are empowered with tools that allow them to participate in a real time monitoring process. This project is a new […]

ACADEMIC´AL – Increasing the Visibility of Scientific Research

As part of the scope to base our projects ICT Solutions, AIS implemented during the first 6 months of 2013 a platform for the Albanian scientific research. The aim of the platform was to increase the visibility of scientific researchers and their scientific works. The project delivery include a central portal that provides information on […]

Smart Tourist Albania

This project establishes a social media outlet where citizen-fed information becomes important and stimulates the solution of problems. Goal: Create a movement in which citizens intervened directly with voluntary actions on environment, culture and tourism in the country. Donor: American Embassy, Open Society Foundation Albania Duration: 2012/2013 Module: ** Web Platform ** Mobile App ** […]

Open Data Albania

Open Data Albania is an initiative that embraces the Open Data principles. The project aims to collect from public offices data on socio-economic indicators, process and publish them based on emerging topics and semantic technologies. Donor: Open Society Foundation Duration: Dec. 2013 – Dec. 2014 Module: * Web Platform * Advocacy URL: http://open.data.al

Digitalization of Ethnographic Heritage – “SOTIR” Photo Archive

Digitalization of 14,000 photographic plates of the 20th century in Albania. The project aims to enforce practices on the conservation of ethnographic objects and cultural heritage of the country.

Digital Inventory of the Ethnographic Fund of the Pre-Alps Zone

The Albanian Institute of Science has started to implement the “Digital Inventory of the Ethnographic Fund of the Pre-Alps Zone” Project. The project targets the villages of Iballa, MërturGuri, and Arsmiliska of Puka District, Region of Shkodra.The area is very interesting thanks to an entirely autochthone ethnography and culture. It contains the Early Medieval city […]