ZA’LART 2015

ZA´LART 2015, is a project where the citizens are invited to denounce (report and alert) on an open source platform (website & app mobile), about problems they encounter during electoral campaigns and electoral day. Citizens are empowered with tools that allow them to participate in a real time monitoring process. This project is a new form of democracy that aims to give voice to the common citizens’ through a crowd source platform.

The Albanian citizens will be heard and have the possibility to express a personal opinion on the electoral process. This project is based on ICT for Fair Election and aim to contribute for active citizenship and democratic process of Local Government Election 2015 in Albania. The facts (audio, photo and video), irregularities and information collected, will provide a clear overview of the electoral process and encourage the interested bodies (civic stakeholders and institutions) to undertake appropriate administrative and politic measures.