AIS partner in the C1-EU-NPA Project, in Fulfilling the Negotiating Chapters (Cluster 1), and in Establishing the EU-Albania Negotiation Platform

C1-EU-NPA, Improving Policy Debate and Accountability in Fulfilling the First Group of Negotiating Chapters (Cluster 1) through the Establishment of an EU-Albania Negotiation Platform. This is AIS‘ newest Project[1] in partnership with CSDG organizations; ISP and the Albanian Helsinki Committee.  The partners aim to Support Albania’s EU accession negotiation process regarding the First Group of Negotiating Chapters (Cluster 1), by improving policy debate, strengthening accountability, and the role of CSOs in the process. The AIS organization will engage with the main focus on the Chapter on Public Procurement, Financial Control, and Statistics. The Financial Supporter of the C1-EU-NPA project is the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana