Investigation initiated following AIS report on Government Misuse of Public Funds for Electoral Purposes

The State Election Commissioner initiated an administrative investigation into alleged Misuse of Public Funds in Elections through individual grants issued in the framework of the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Fund. Through its letter registered by Protocol No. 6092, the Commissioner asked both the Central Government, and the Local Government in Durrës to provide information about the subject and facts involved in AIS/OpenData Albania Report. By Decision no. 439, it was decided for the Investigation to be considered a complex case that requires additional administrative investigation and a deadline of longer than 60 days.  The organization AIS has reported that the Government is using the Reconstruction Fund allocated following the Novermber 2016 earthquake for electoral purposes. In Durrës, the Central and the Local Government approved and paid certain individuals during the electoral campaign days, for which the Electoral Code contains special provisions. Our organization addressed the Commissioner, asking for administrative investigation, acknowledgment of facts, verification, and independent international expertise on the use of funds in electoral campaigns. Ultimately, an evaluation of the responsibilities for Electoral Favoritism through Misuse of Public Money (Article 92/5 of the Code) is expected. You may find more information about the arguments and evidence we have submitted to the Commissioner on our website LINK