The public monitors the integrity of the Justice System. Most viewed individuals in the Register of Magistrates, December 2020

The web-based Access to Justice Database is created by AIS organization as a mine of data and documents for the newly established justice institutions and their members. The database contains a Register of Magistrates, which includes information and a passport for each judge , prosecutor , and each member of the justice institutions, as well as for suspended judges and prosecutors .

The three most viewed profiles for December on this database according to google analytics are:

  • The profile of Mar. Altin Binaj, elected Constitutional Judge . A profile had already been created on the Access to Justice database for Mr. Binaj as a prosecutor. His profile was updated in December with data and documents about his promotion as a Constitutional Judge.

The passport profile for Mr. Binaj contains information and documents in the following categories: General information, professional experience, qualifications and promotions, documents, and asset declarations.

  • The Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Erjon Muharremaj, member of the High Judicial Council, HCJ, , is the most viewed documents for December on Access to Justice Database, under the Register of Magistrates. The title of the Ph.D. is “The impact of the International Environmental Law on the Albanian Legislation “. The dissertation for defending the “Doctor” grade was presented to the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law .
  • The third ranking profile in terms of number of views was the profile of Judge Alaudin Malaj, whose re-assessment process was interrupted upon his resignation request

Most of the views for the 12 months of 2020 rank the profile of Mr. Sotir Kllapi, Prosecutor in the Special prosecutor’s Office against Corruption and Organized Crime as the most viewed profile , followed by the profile of Mr. Altin Binaj, a Constitutional Judge and that of Mr. Luan Daci, a member suspended by the Special College of Appeals and subject to criminal proceedings .

So far, passports have been created in the Register of Magistrates with information about individuals who have passed the vetting process, resigned, or promoted to the high level of the justice institutions.

The data and documents are accessible through official sources and requests for information sent to the relevant institutions. The profiles of the magistrates are intended to strengthen public monitoring and increase public trust in the system. Each profile contains data and documents regarding general personal information; the date of initial assignment to the current office: previous professional experience, education, and research; special qualifications; decisions of the qualification institutions; evaluations of their ethics and professional performance; effective disciplinary measures; and asset declarations.

Our web-based Database for the Register of Magistrates is a pilot model proposed by the organization AIS as a model for the state institutions, which are required to create a Register of Magistrates. The Justice Reform is strongly connected with the need for public monitoring and trust in the integrity of the members of the Justice System.


Our web-based Database for the Register of Magistrates is part of one of our fund-raising projects for 2021. Our website and the software solution are created by AIS team and funded by OSFA through a project of several months in 2019. During 2020, the maintenance of the website and the updating of the magistrates’’ profiles was carried out on volunteer basis by the organization AIS.

For easy access to information on the database, you are advised to use the search machines as per the relevant categories .

Altin Binaj of the Constitutional Court, Erjon Muharremaj of the HJC, and Alaudin Malaj, a suspended judge, are the three most google viewed profiles for December 2020. The public is interested in names promoted in the justice system.

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