Electoral Situation Room 2015 – Civil Society Initiative

June 2, 2015

Local elections of 21 June for the first time will be monitored and evaluated by a coalition of seven local non-governmental organizations that in one voice will coordinate information and expertise about the performance of the whole electoral process. The initiative of election monitoring is supported by Soros in order to obtain a serious and reliable assessment of the Albanian factor on the quality of electoral processes.

In this initiative the Albanian Institute of Science will have an important role by providing the citizens with the opportunity to contribute in keeping the election free and fair through ZA’LART 2015 portal.

AIS Director, Aranita BRAHAJ stated for the conference that “Up to now reports on ZA’LART has shown a high degree of electoral law abuse”, by addressing problems of abusive recruitment and corruption attempts of the first-time voters in public schools and the use of public sector  for electoral purposes.

Civil Society Organizations through the Electoral Situation Room invites all citizens to denounce problems faced during the electoral process, in order to make it transparent and democratic.

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