Youth on ICT for Fair Elections

Workshop: in Vlora, Shkodra and Berat

AIS in partnership with Vlora Youth Center within the projects ZA’LART and Vlora Youth Vote 2015, funded by the Small Grants Programme of the Commission for Democracy of US Embassy in Albania and OSFA took part in the presentation titled Method/Instruments citizen participation in decision making processes at Young Leaders Academy held in Vlora on May 16th 2015.

AIS Director Aranita Brahaj presented ZA’LART platform at the event and discussed with the participants about the opportunities and efficiency of use of ICT instruments, social media in the democratic process of participation and citizen monitoring of local elections.

In Shkodra, May 29, 2015 AIS in cooperation with the Institute for International Studies (AIIS) organized an event in the framework of ZA’LART. Blerta Tuci and Shefiko Hajna representative of ZA’LART 2015, had intensive discussions with youth of political forum of Shkodra about election issues, the role of citizen and encouraged young people to use ZA’LART as a tool for education and civic participation.

Also in Berat June 5, 2015 was organized the third training with Youth of Political Academy. The training program was introduced by Mrs, Aranita Brahaj who argued about the importance of using ZA’LART in reporting defects and electoral irregularities.

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