Improvement of the Living Conditions for the Roma Community Seven municipalities reconstruct Roma houses.

The Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), through its Open Local Government Procurement (OpenLGP) enables monitoring of all public procurement processes carried out by the 61 local government units in the country. The project focuses on every public tender and contract (of any value) carried out from July 2015 onward. Transparency of Public Contracts is important not only as part of the transparency over spending of public funds, but also for the fact that the award and execution of such contracts influences the quality of life and services for various communities.

Through this email, we are sharing with you some information about some public procurement processes and public contracts executed for the Construction or Reconstruction of Roma and Egyptian houses. These contracts are published on OpenLGP  and concern the Roma community in the seven following municipalities:

  1. Municipality of Saranda announced an open tender procedure on 24. 08. 2015 for Reconstruction of 6 houses of Roma and Egyptian Community. The fund limit (VAT excl.) for the Reconstruction of the 6 houses was 2 750 000 lekë. There were 8 economic operators, which participated in the tender process. The public contract was signed on 6. 10. 2015 with Shendelli SHPK. The contract term was 20 days.
  2. Municipality of  Mirdita announced an open tender procedure on 31. 08. 2015 for Reconstruction of 15 (fifteen) houses of Roma and Egyptian community, Municipality of Mirdita, Rrëshen. The fund limit (VAT excl.) for this tender was 4 416 670 lekë. The tender was cancelled in the first stage, because none of the participants met the criteria. The tender was re-announced, and 5 economic operators participated. The contract was signed with AEK MUNELLA SHPK (on 11.11. 2015). The agreed implementation timeframe was 1 month from the date the contract was signed.
  3. Municipality of Lezha announced that it had signed a contract with Junik SHPK on 28.12. 2015 by a negotiation procedure. The value of the contract (VAT Incl.) was 3 815 200 lekë for Construction of social houses for 8 (eight) Roma families.
  4. Municipality of Divjaka announced a tender procedure on 4. 03. 2016 through a Request for Proposal for the Reconstruction of Houses of Roma and Egyptian Community in the Administrative Unit of Grabian (18 families), Municipality of Divjaka. The fund limit (VAT excl.) was 8 514 590 lekë. The tender was cancelled for Mistakes with the Calculations of the Bill of Quantities. It was then re-announced, but no announcement is yet made about the winner or a contract signed.
  5. Municipality of Rrogozhina announced an open tender procedure on 10. 03. 2015 for Construction of 2-storey Social Houses for Roma and Egyptian Community in the Municipality of Rrogozhina. The tender will take place on 30 March, and the tender documentation specifies that the funds are from the World Bank. You will find information about the tender process and the winner of the public contract in the coming weeks on the updated information under the Transparent Procurement section.
  6. The Municipality of Kruja has announced an open tender on 16. 03. 2016 with a fund limit (VAT excl.) of 18 122 330 All for Construction and Reconstruction of 35 Houses of Rom Community, Village of Arrameras Fushë-Krujë. The tender will take place on 8. 04. 2016 and the contract validity is 4 months.
  7. The Municipality of Elbasan announced a Request for Proposals procedure on 16. 03. 2016 for the Improvement of the Living Conditions for Roma and Egyptian Community in Lagja 5 Maji. The fund limit for the tender was 5 522 100 ALL. The deadline for the submission of the tender documentation was only 14 days, and the winner is expected to be announced on 29. 03. 2015.

Other municipalities, where there are Roma communities in need, have not yet announced any tenders or public contracts during July 2015 – March 2016 in this area. OpenLGP Transparent Procurement invites you to learn more in the coming days about the progress of the public procurement processes and public contracts for improving the living conditions of communities in need. We also invite investigative journalists and local organizations involved in monitoring the performance of local government units to observe in the field the efficiency of the execution of the signed public contracts.

Open Local Government Procurement OpenLGP is a project implemented by AIS, an organization that promotes Open Data Albania.