Information on Declaration of the Senior Judges assets

In the framework of Money, Government and Politics program, updated data are released in Spending Data Albania portal, “Money and power” column, about assets declared by Senior Judges and members of the High Council of Justice HCJ as well as their relatives’ assets. The data are published in compliance with principles of access to information, transparency and accountability. Personal data are protected by filters applied according to the model provided by the High Inspectorate for the Declaration of Assets.

  • Through these publications every journalist or citizen can be informed on the annual income of the Judges of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court and Members of the High Council of Justice.
  • Income from double employment in the private sector (mainly nonpublic universities) or in the nonprofit sector (entities registered as foundations or organizations) is considered as an interesting detail. Journalists as well as citizens are invited to analyze whether such non-public entities or their heads, who are at the same time employers of senior judges are parties to proceedings scrutinized in these courts.
  • The model applied for open data journalism concerning the assessment of conflict of interest, is also applied for interest based relations with private companies, which have been mentioned in the statements of the judges due to contracts of sale, lease, enterprise or exchange of real estate with a judge or family persons under the declaration.
  • An interesting information is also that on non-wage income such as incomes from rents, bargains, intellectual property, gifts, opening of an inheritance act etc.
  • In case of employment of family members through declarations, you may get an information on labor relations in the justice system something that will enable you to assess if it is necessary to control conflicts of interest and professional impartiality.
  • The statements contain also information on loans and borrowings.
  • You can also find 2014 data for MPs, Members of the Council of Ministers or other constitutional and independent institutions. This portal generally contains declarations of assets in various years for about 325 entities liable to declare their income and assets.

You can find other open and transparent data on Treasury Transactions, Concessionaire Register, Tax Calculator (on salary) and the Budget.  As we would like to thank you for your attention, we want to remind you on the eventual use of the data contained in our publications without any restriction. But on the other hand we would like that you always cite Spending Data Albania portal, Money and Power column, developed in the framework of our organization project AIS titled Money, Government and Politics.