Workshop with Journalists: Open Spending Initiative


Our organization AIS on 10th of October, 2015 at 10.30 am held a workshop with journalists involved in the Open Spending Initiative. Open Spending Initiative consist in creating a Network of  affirmed local journalists, engaged in informing the public on expenditures of budgetary institutions in Albania.

The workshop presented instruments and well-structured data which increase the level of information and citizens monitoring of finances and public assets. Open and linked data create a space for controlling and minimizing the cases of abuse, conflict of interest and nepotism. The event was organized in the framework of Money, Government and Politics.

Program :

10:30 – 11:00

Aranita Brahaj

Executive Director (AIS)

Data on Open Corporates Albania, Control of Conflict of Interest

11.00 – 11.25 


Investigative Journalist MAPO and Albanian Association of the Journalist for Justice (SHGD)

Declaration of Assets of High Level officials, Investigation of Wealth Sources

11:25 – 11:45 

Shefiko HAJNA

Open Spending Albania

Treasury Monitoring, Citizens control over Public Spending

11:45 – 12:05 

Blerta TUCI, AIS

Employers Taxation, Tax Calculator (Daily Bread) as an instrument that provide citizens with public services

12:10 – 12:30

Besjana HYSA, AIS

Linked Data on Public Spending and Declaration of Assets of Senior officials

12: 35- 12: 55                                        

Questions and Discussions

Indicators about the participants:

Journalist engaged in Tirana and Local Media: 14 /11

Gender Ratio: Men: 11, Women: 14

Years of experience in the media: 7+ years: 17, 5-7 years: 4, 3-5 years: 3, 0-3 years: 1

Participants in the workshop: 25

Total registered: 30

List of registered journalists: