Workshop with High State Audit officials on Data Usability and Red Flags Algorithm: Instruments for Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Within the framework of the “Transparency in Health Engagement Project” funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by University Research Company, LLC (URC), a two 2-day workshop was delivered by Project partner Albanian Institute of Science (AIS) for the staff of the Albanian Supreme Audit Institution (ALSAI) on Data Usability and Red Flags Algorithm: Instruments for Transparency and Anti-Corruption. The 26 participants included auditors from several departments, as well as IT and communications specialists. The workshop enhanced the capacities of the staff about the use of Open Data standards in preparing auditing reports and publications in order to increase transparency of public information, and in fighting corruption. The Red Flags algorithm is a mechanism that can signal the need for an audit and investigation in the tendering and public contracting process through the flagging of actions that have a higher risk for abuse, inequality, or lack of competition. In this regard, the participants were introduced to guidelines explaining in detail the main indicators for risk evaluation in the tendering process. As a result of the Transparency in Health Engagement Project, ALSAI will implement a red flags algorithm for public procurement procedures in the health sector.

The training materials can be accessed in the following links:

  • Training Curricula (PDF)
  • Data Usability – Part I (PDF)
  • Data Usability – Part II (PDF)
  • Red Flags Algorithm – An Instrument for Transparency and Anti-Corruption (PDF)
  • Guide to the Identification of Red Flags in Public Procurement in the Health Sector (PDF)
  • Topics for Discussion (PDF)

Transparency in Health Engagement project is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of its Contract.

Agreement Number: Contract Number: AID-182-C-17-00001 (USAID/ Transparency in Health Engagement Project held by prime recipient University Research Company, LLC (URC) and by sub-recipient Albania Institute of Science (AIS), Tetra Tech, and Boston University.

The Transparency in Health Engagement project is funded and managed by the USAID/Albania.