Forum “Youth and Emigration: Corruption as inducement to live for a better country”

Last Friday, July 1st, AIS/Open Data Albania hosted a forum on “Youth and immigration: Corruption as inducement to leave for a better country“. The activity was held in the frame of the Open Data, Access and Transparency over Sectors Exposed to Risk of Corruption project,  as part of which, AIS is preparing the Open Data Fellowship Network, a group of young people who will be upskilled in analyzing data and use data and facts in arguing on topics of public interest.

During the 3 hours that the forum lasted, guests partook in a discussion about the flight of the population, as one of the biggest problems facing the country, with disturbing effects that will extend in the following years and decades. Led by analysts in the field, young people debated on what has influenced this phenomenon, how can we analyze its various dimensions through data, how it is related to other prominent issues, such as corruption and unemployment.

Speakers at the event brought different perspectives on the increased emigration in the country:

Sociologist Donalda Tanellari treated the phenomenon from the point of view of societal developments; Blerina Shehu, a journalist with a focus on economics, spoke about immigration and how it has affected demographic dynamics, while Gjergj Erebara brought a history of censuses to the country, focusing on what data that can be extracted from them, as well as how censuses can be used to inform government policies.

For a more detailed overview of the approaches broached during the forum, please consult the agenda in the attached link


Agenda Forum Youth Network. Youth and Emigration Corruption as inducement to live in a better country